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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best of bitly – The Friendliest URL Shortening Service

It's time for some warm up... yeah let's do our regular blogging exercise! Anyway, I miss almost everything here, most specially posting some updated blog tweaks, but the time is near that I will be updating almost all of my previous post. I have only a simple mission, that is to give you a timely information that is helpful with your blogging career. Give me sometime and I will dig the SB archives, as it has been almost 2 years of existence! So what's the update for today?
Let's Talk About URL Shortener -bitly, are you using it?
Anyway, I have shopped a service that will gonna send me another 2500 twitter followers - what she instructed me to do is provide her a tweet, and then I thought it's perfect to add a shortened URL. I suddenly remembered about bitly because I have one before. Now, here I am, but it was not the site I used to know before - today, it's amazing! For me, it's the best URL shortener ever!
Bitly is perfect - very easy to use and I can customize my link!
I expected that I will be having much reading, and tour before I can actually make a shortened URL of my post link, because it might sound new to me again, but what happened was the opposite. I have my stuff just in seconds! The interface is super friendly! What's more? I can customize my URL! Goodbye to the thing, because I can actually set it to or something that I want!
Bitly interesting and updated features/services:
  • Bitmarks - those are lists of your submitted link. By hovering one of those links, you can easily add a note, yeah it's much like tags. You can add your twitter and facebook account and post your newly submitted links so your friends can see it. You have the option to send it via email too!
  • Bundles - well, you can group together your bitmarks! You have a full control over it and easy access to similar submitted links.
  • Stats - of course it's a comprehensive report!
  • Your profile - well, you can see your avatar, your connected accounts (twitter and facebook) as well your links in a very clean interface!
Plus, I love the privacy, I can actually set one of my links to private, anyway what's the purpose of locking it? Simple, not all your submitted links are for public use *Grinning*...

Anyway, am always generous, bitly is not the only URL shortener services, so learn the best one to use: Decide which one - a study by Search Engine Land!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Claim Your $1 Referral Bonus at NeoBux Now!

So, I assumed today that you already have given NeoBux a try! Yes, spend less than an hour there and earn few cents while you click all the available ads for you!

And I promise you 2 things - Support and $1.00 Referral Bonus, that might be small but for PTC clickers, that amount sounds good enough.

To tell you frankly, I am not really fully equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed with NeoBux, but constantly I am looking for ways to learn more, and all the important things I learned will be shared to you through SB!
Sign up for NeoBux via SB featured Post, and used my username to be your referrer!
When you do that, my support is yours and we will gonna make money through NeoBux - the only paid to click service we need to make cash! It's legit and NeoBux will never steal your money!

If you will seriously work for NeoBux as one of your money making program - you are in the win-win environment. That means, they won't take your money and leave you frustrated.
Don't laugh, let's start counting from cents!
You will not earn hundred of dollars right away! It will take time, do not laugh when you see you got $0.120 in your main balance!

Remember it's business! We do not rely with our own clicks! We will gonna count referrals! We can ask our friends to join or rent referrals!

The second option needs initial investment - and do not forget, it's business! Quoted from Neobux "About Us", they said:
We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.
We invest, we apply working techniques proven by old and successful members, we earn and then we can cash out!
Not NeoBux member yet?
Claim your $1.00 Referral Bonus now!
Receive your $1.00 Ref. Bonus right after your reach your first payout at NeoBux! Here's how to claim it:
  • Send to me your paypal address via Contact.
  • Send to me a screenshot of your earnings here... disqus comment system allows you to attach an image together with your comment! That's it!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Can You Make Your Cents to Thousand Dollars? - An SB Update!

I would like to say hi to my silent readers out there, so now I am going to break my silence. This is just one of the major updates for SB. I would like to tell you that the competition is still around the corners of this blog. I haven't posted for so long due to my busy schedule at work and at school since am trying to finish my bachelor degree for accountancy... yet, I am still here, and will tell you some important updates and changes that will gonna take place gradually.
Blogging Tips and Money Making Guides in One!
That's the brand new slogan or "tagline"... I think that blogging and money making are not really far from each other. Most of the times, people blog to make money, so blogging tips and money making guides are closely intertwined.

Blogging Tips - I don't want to stop learning. I have done that couple of months before and I see that I find it hard to do some tweaking I usually do before. So, I won't let my experience for one and half years turn to nothing, in order to keep it, I will give you some of the best blogging tips that I have tried myself.

Money Making Guides - I am not a geek or expert about making instant cash online... but I know some extra money making scheme online that will gonna work if you are just patient enough. I don't believe to "overnight success stories", but I believe that anyone can make money online if he started it right with the right program!
To start with, I want to introduce to you the "Innovation for PTC or Paid to Click Service". It's NeoBux and you can read my written guide and tips here - How to Increase NeoBux Earnings Fast + $1.00 Referral Bonus!
Give More Value to Cents - $.001, $0.005!!!
I approached some of my friends or classmates, and I invited them to join NeoBux. What's their reaction or response, well, they asked me how much they can earn from it. Well, I told them the truth that they can get some cents for clicking ads and performing tasks for cash, or simply viewing the AdPrize! However, they want some bigger sum, and I told them they have missed the important point!

Have you ever wonder where your $1,000.00 came from? Well, it's from the very cent. You cannot just ignore $.001, because it will grow to thousands! The only way to make that happen is the program that will help you visualize and realize your goal in a timely manner!

If you are confuse, doubtful, skeptical about it, don't worry because I want to help you figure it out. At NeoBux, you are allowed to have direct referrals or rented ones to boast your earnings. That's the way to go.

How to make "real" money with NeoBux? Not extra money, it's real money for a better living and it's through the referral program! Your referrals will make your $0.001 into thousands of dollars!

So today, do not look for $500+ overnight, or $1000 an hour, because it's not true! Be patient and try out the real program that will take you to your dreams. Caution, do not put your eggs in one basket, but I told you this one of the few ways you can make money online... that will gonna pay you!
Can you just join NeoBux and wait for your main balance to grow and then rent?
No. I strongly encourage you to add your NeoBux fund at least $30.00, I have said that on my previous post and I want to emphasize it now. Even you do not pay for an upgrade, you can still start making money through the help of your referrals.

It's hard to find direct referrals, specially that most PTC members have joined NeoBux already, however they are still millions of internet users who might be interested in this program, that's why I have written this topic. Aside from that, I cannot wait for my main balance to grow so that I can start renting 3 to 10 referrals. I need to invest a little amount of money to boast my main balance!

NeoBux is my business, so I need to add fund! Consider that idea, and you'll see it's working!
Update: as of 9/29/12, I already have $4.540 in my main balance! Registration date: 9/1/12
If you are patient, you won't say "Wow, you have written a post and promote your $4.540, how ridiculous!" It's not, in fact, I want to rent more to earn more!

Join NeoBux Now and Get $1.00 Referral Bonus!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Increase Neobux Earnings Fast - 2012 Guide plus Referral Bonus

Note: This Real Time NeoBux Guide and Review 2012 has $1.00 referral bonus - just continue reading to know how to get it.

Hello there, I'll dedicate an hour of my day today giving you some important information, tips, facts, and strategies on how to earn at NeoBux while you are still currently a Standard Member. In this post, I will be realistic enough, to enlighten anyone whether join NeoBux or not, invest a little amount from your other online earnings, or money from your pocket or not.
Before I proceed, I would like to tell you that this is my first post for NeoBux after reaching $3.703 as of this date (September 27, 2012). I have successfully joined NeoBux last September 1, 2012 as shown in the screenshot below, including all my other histories while attempting to increase my earnings.
Why you need to consider NeoBux as one of the possible ways to make money online?
Simply, it's a trusted PTC site. It launched by NeoDev, Lda. and loved by most successful users since 2008, years past, unlike any other scam paid to click sites, NeoBux remains the biggest, the most trusted, and the only paid to click service you'll ever need!

To verify it's reputation, you can search for "Neobux Review" at your preferred search engine and read reliable reviews and forums about NeoBux.

Next to the word trusted, you are assured that you're time will not be wasted for nothing. NeoBux is paying! I myself appreciate much their support team, I have sent a support ticket yesterday, an I have received their customer-oriented response on the same day!
So they are paying, they only thing you need to know is how to start "right" at NeoBux.
They said, many frustrated members of NeoBux have a mindset of earning "Big" because it's trusted, legit and paying, without knowing what's the "right" way to do it, so, they had stumbled on the wrong road - "Wrong turn!".

If you are planning to venture out paid to click service, I recommend NeoBux and start it the right way!
What is the right way to NeoBux Success?
  • Referral Renting - do you want to earn big in due time? You need to rent, but how can you rent if you have $0.075 balance right now? Of course, you need to pick some amount at your pocket, or better if you have other online earnings ready to be cashed out, and then fund your NeoBux rental balance right now! Do not wait for months when your main balance is good enough to rent few referrals, it will gonna waste your time. NeoBux is trusted, and there's nothing to worry about. Want to earn? Take the risk!
  • I have transferred $30 from my PayPal account to NeoBux - I rented 15 referrals for $3, and halfway I already got more than $3 which means I already have covered up the cost for my first renting expenses, and what's good I still have 14 days remaining for the first 15 and it will then go to my profit. It is just a simple math analysis, and I know you can do that better.
  • Why I funded $30? - Because most mistakes, members have rented referrals, but cannot renew it because insufficient balance is left on their fund and the main balance cannot cover it up yet - you need an extra money! It's your resources! Currently I have rented 60 referrals, and I still have $18.00 for my fund, and right now I got $3.7+ and still counting for my main balance...
  • 250 targeted referrals to be extended for 240 days - that's my target before deciding to upgrade my account to golden and so on! 250 referrals are good enough, to be renewed for 240 days each renewal which will then give me 30% discount... anyway, it's a long way to go guys! I'll keep you updated in real time!
Is it a success story?
Obviously not, I am still on the shore... and I still have to sail a long long way to the ocean. But whoever wants to try out NeoBux, I am ready to help you as far as I am informed and knowledgeable about your concern and queries.
Important Notes:
  • Direct referrals are far better than rented ones, but it's really tricky and hard to get one - as I've said do not wait for months you can fetch one or two! Invest at least $30 and start renting referrals, it's your way to earn at NeoBux!
  • Renting will gonna be every 7 days - so carefully choose which pack you will buy, 15 referrals for $3, 30 for $6, but you can select fewer than that.
  • Renewal - you must renew your rented referrals, it's going up and not going down! The more the referrals you got, the more you earn from their clicks. How about inactive referrals? NeoBux cannot guaranty that all of them would click ads everyday, inactive referrals can be recycled for $.07, it means your current inactive referral will be replaced with a new one. However, you can still choose to observe them because the system will automatically renew all inactive referrals when they reach 14 days and still not clicking. Buying referral cost you $0.20 each, so if you see that recycling is better, you can do it.
  • Click at least 4 ads to earn from your referrals' click EVERYDAY - that is absolute, when you can't click, you will loss some money from your referrals the following day.
  • Do not refer friends who have the same IP address - your referrals IP must be unique from you, if you have the same IP address, it's not allowed by NeoBux or all PTC services. Mostly, if you are an office worker, you cannot refer your office mates. If you are a student, you cannot refer your school mates who uses the internet connection at school, they can when they reach home and use their pc at home. To sum up, better refer your friends at home, specially whom you have chit-chat at facebook and other social networks.
Disclosure: all links above contains my referral link. This is the best way I can fetch direct referrals from "you", my readers, who might want to search ways to make money online, or real time tips and guides to earn at NeoBux, and reviews whether you have joined the right money making schemes or fall to unmerciful scam geeks behind some PTCs!
If you happen to register under me, I want to assure you for my support right here at my blog, as SB will become "Blogging tips and Money Making Guides in One!" - soon!
Referral Bonus - yes, if you joined under me, aside from my support, I will give you $1.00 referral bonus which will be sent to your PayPal account after you have reached your first pay out of $2 at NeoBux! All you need to do is send me a screenshot of your earnings with your username, and get paid by NeoBux and Me!

Reaching payout now? Claim it here!

For more details or questions - comment below!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make Money and Cash Out $20 or More Every Month at myLot

I am still thinking about making extra cash today, have you tried thinking the same? Have you figured out already how? If not, let's talk about it... don't worry, it's simple.
Aside from writing your blog posts daily, and hoping that your traffic would grow to a huge numbers, and a big percentage of it will going to click on your available paid to click ad programs, of course, you can also find some sort of discussion forums that pays you for your active participation.

If the idea of how to make money online is new to you, don't worry because you are not scammed. Anyone who told you about it was not lying, he was telling the truth... and right now I am telling you that you can make "real" money online in several ways.
What ways best for you?
I will begin it by asking you, how much you need? Anyway, it's not really a good question, because if I am asked the same, I will answer "I need a big amount of cash right now." Well, unfortunately, it's impossible.
Big and Instant = Scam
98% - Big and Instant Cash are scam! Yeah, you only earn what you deserved, that's the best answer. Offline and online ways are pretty the same, because you need to exert your "effort" to earn the figures you want.

So, what's best for you?
If you are an office worker, with computer and internet connection daily, you can make at least $20 dollars a month during your vacant times or lunch times, or those times you want to relax a little bit from computing huge corporate figures, and the like.
You will get paid for you writings, and you need not to be a writer. Participate to any discussion and earn from your thoughtful opinions.
I already have written two posts about this site here at SB, and write now, I hope that you will be convinced to check it for yourself. Anyway, it's myLot! It's not a freelance site where you are asked to write academic essays, at myLot, you are free to express your opinion, feelings, thoughts, suggestions, doubts, anger, etc... to the level of English you know.

Check my previous topic about this which will tell you about the good tactics on how to reach the pay out: Make Money By Posting and Responding Discussion at Mylot

Or, click this to begin your registration: Sign Up at myLot now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of the Fastest Way of Writing Blog Post

I just remember that I and my friend, who happened to be my partner here in SB, and was actively participating in our activities early this year was asking me how can I write a blog post within a couple of minutes - impromptu! I used to write this way, though I have ideas, but mostly, I write without an advance plan or outline about my next post. Why? Because the idea I have in mind is enough for me to write a new post! And I believe that this is one of the fastest way or technique to write a blog post, you can also read my impromptu writing within 20 minutes or less.
Why you can't even think of something?
It's because you believe you can't write at that very moment. You close the possibility of writing something for your audience that very day.
  • Obligation. Do you have the obligation to your readers, or least to your blog right now? It is to write or blog every day. You are there - show your presence.
  • Write a short precise post. You don't need to write a pillar article all the time. There must be some special time where you can spend almost your entire day to draft it down. If you are in a hurry, got a limited period for blogging, make it fast. Write fast - turn your ideas that very moment into words of wisdom.
  • Quality doesn't require you to draft a thousand words. Quality means useful, helpful, applicable, and so what if your post is short? If you are sure it contains something worth reading, don't hesitate to publish it.
  • Capsulized posting. I don't know if that term exist in the blogosphere, but my professor in my law subject told us last time that learning can best done in a capsulized way. It's done in list, remembering only those important keywords.
  • Well, know what? Posting short and precise is synonymous to capsulized way of informing others.
Update: 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time
Have you tried it in your blog already? So people in a hurry will come there, because you provide instant information they need, without spending much time. How about pillar articles? Well, got a perfect time for it specially weekends? You can surprise your readers with one at least a month. Or, how do you prefer?

See you:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make Money By Posting and Responding Discussion at Mylot

Are you looking for ways on how to make money online? There are tired people from their offline jobs or jobless folks out there who have surfed the web for solutions to their problems. There are also working individuals who wants to make their break times and leisure activities compensating. So, we will figure out exactly how to do that without lies and absurd examples.
How can you make money during your vacant times at work?
Don't quit your job right now! Online promises a decent living to all who crave to make money in their living rooms without leaving their love ones, but right now there is no assurance because "success" cannot be obtained "overnight". You need to figure it out, and it takes time in the first place. Right now, do your job and make a plan to having a decent money making scheme online.
What is myLot and how can you make money there?
I purposely look for money making programs last 2007 when I was busy schooling as I wanted to look for extra money to cover up my school expenses. I found myLot. For all who became members of myLot, this discussion forum is paying all the time! Forget about scam, you are in good hands. The only good tactic you need to learn is how to reach the pay out every month to finally say you have found an extra money making leisure habit! Is it good?
How can you exactly reach the pay out?
Mainly, the list I made below are ways on how you will enjoy myLot, and compensate you for doing the things you love:
  • Find topics you want. You can select various topics, from parenting to sex, from sports to relationships. You can browse different top discussions, hot topics, recently responded or newly posted thoughts of myLotters (members or users) and participate by sharing your idea or opinion through responding the chosen post. In turn, you will earn real money.
  • Write and post topics of your interest. Do you want to talk about family matters? Browse all the interests available and add "family" or "parenting" and start a fresh topic right then. Write a reasonable length of your thought, give a catching title and post it. Cents will then starts to increase your earnings.
  • Refer your friends and family members to discuss what you've posted. Yes, promote your post to your sister or even classmates or office mates. Refer them to myLot and earn 25% from their earnings.
Those lists are the major ways on how you will reach your pay out every month when the myLot logo turns green! But it's not enough yet, I want to tell you good tactics on how to double your earnings, and how much exactly you can possible save their daily.
Here are the good tactics.
Daily regular participation will compensate you more. I don't want to assume the algorithm on how myLot computes your earnings per active myLotting (participation) but you will make "real money" every month if you want to. You can earn up to 1 dollar a day, in between your paperwork. You can allocate 5 minutes every hour to read and respond or write new topics you thought helpful or informative.

Use your "heart" by doing so - what I mean is "enjoy". Pick the interests you want to talk about or give opinion, and respond or write reasonable length of sentences and paragraphs to convince myLot you are serious and deserving to earn more.

Reasonable length does not really point out exact number of sentences, but avoid one liner responses or discussions. Do not post poll or "yes" or "no" questions. Do not promote other programs or referral programs, purely discuss without the aim to promote or advertise. Do not include in your conversation "pm me or contact me later". Directly send a friend or myLotter a private message to avoid violating the precious guidelines!

I strongly encourage you to read the guidelines! Topics and responses that violate the myLot guidelines are deleted by them! They are strict because they want to maintain a community free of scammed topics.
Register from here and start spending your vacant time productively.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make Free Professional Blog Banners with Transparent Backgrounds

PhotoScape + FlamingText = Transparent background for blog banners

Do you wish to create a transparent background for your blog banners that will fit to your blog backgrounds without using Photoshop? Well, if you have a Photoshop installed in your PC, then you got no problem, but if you don’t you—need to continue reading this post.

There are several free banner makers out there, and one of them is BannerSnack, it is easy and instant medium of producing great banners, but the problem occur when you need to create a transparent banner to fit the background of your blog.

One of the easiest way to this is to use PhotoScape and FlamingText.


  • Dowload PhotoScape safely using c|net here and install the all-in-one style photo editor (Mooii).
  • Here is a quick review of PhotoScape by death1968 at c|net:
Photoscape is a great programme for those who cannot afford Adobe Photoshop. It offers several filters, modification of curves (but not histograms), numerous pre-set effects (like specific film imitation effects, auto levels, vingetting, etc.). Batch processing permits for applying of routine adjustments (like renaming, photo enhancements, or re-sizing). Installation was easy (Win 7, 64 bit), software is stable, it is a full free version, contains no advertisements or junk add-ons. I can recommend Photoscape to anyone.

Create a transparent background using FlamingText with the help of PhotoScape:

  1. Choose logo from the 'Featured Logos' at FlamingText.
  2. Create a logo with transparent background, see screenshot below:
  3. Download the logo by clicking download, save file!
  4. Go to PhotoScape (assuming you are done installing it) and open Editor and look for your downloaded logo, then crop a little portion of the transparent logo background as shown below:
  5. Save the cropped image, re-size it (bigger), and save it as a permanent image for transparent banner making. In the example, I re-sized the image to 950 X 250 and saved it as transparent950X250.png which is good for blog header banner with transparent background! Remember, transparent image has a file extension of .png!
  6. Now, let's begin making a transparent banner for you blog. Use PhotoScape in making your banner, you can also create separate logos at FlamingText and combine it at PhotoScape Editor using the transparent image you just created. The banner below is for the SB Test Blog:
  7. See, it would fit to several blog backgrounds:

Are we done? No...

A creative blogger experiments, try to make your own, try to produce several banners of different styles, colors and sizes using this free resources and smart technique!

See you...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Custom Contact Form for Your Blog - The Easiest Way!

Blogger is widely used as blogging platform, but if you wish to give your readers access to you privately, you need to rely on free contact form widgets to do that. Fortunately, we have so many free web resources to use. Anyway, why not give readers your email address directly? The answer is simple - it's not safe. You hate spammers right? In addition, I have found 3 Contact Form Builders that can provide you safe medium of communication with your valued readers.

If you want to customize the look of your contact form to make it part of your blog theme, you can do that easily by following a tutorial I simplified for you. It's the easiest way of adding a customized contact form to your blog without going to your blog template. Just create a new page, then paste it there! As simple as that. Are you ready? We will be using emailmeform!
This tutorial has two parts. First, the installation of your custom contact form which is very simple! Second, creating your account at emailmeform which is guided here step by step with illustrations.

First Part: Log-in to your blog and click Posting, but instead of choosing New Post, select Edit Pages. Then, click New Page!
Just like writing your new post, think of a name e.g. Contact Me or Contact Us. Carefully Copy the codes after the screen-shot below and Paste them there. Yes, as simple us that. Just above the pasted codes, you can write something...
Carefully copy the codes just below and paste it - see screen-shot above:
/* contact me form: tutored by MBT (, redesigned by Prime Aque-SB ( */
input.sbcontact {
font: 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif;
padding-left: 6px;
border:2px solid #347235;-moz-border-radius:5px;
input.sbcontacthov {
font: 12px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif;
background-color: #347235;
border:2px #733572 solid; -moz-border-radius:5px;
textarea {width:97%; color:#000000;
font: 14px Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif;
padding-left: 6px;padding-right: 6px;padding-top: 6px;
border:2px solid #347235;-moz-border-radius:10px;
border-radius:10px; }
textareahov { width:97%;
<form action="" charset="UTF-8" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
<table bg="" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="color:white;"><tbody>
<tr><td><span style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:85%;color:black;"></span><div id="mainmsg">
<table bg=""border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="color:white;"><tbody>
<tr valign="top"><td nowrap="nowrap"><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;">Name:</span></td><td><input class="sbcontact" maxlength="100" name="FieldData0" size="40" value="" type="text"> </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td nowrap="nowrap"><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;">Email:</span></td><td><input class="sbcontact" maxlength="100" name="FieldData1" size="40" value="" type="text"> </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td nowrap="nowrap"><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;">Subject:</span></td><td><input class="sbcontact" maxlength="100" name="FieldData4" size="60" value="" type="text"> </td></tr>
<tr valign="top"><td nowrap="nowrap"><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family:Verdana;font-size:12px;">Message:</span></td><td><textarea cols="90" name="FieldData5" rows="15"></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2"></td></tr>
<tr><td></td><td align="left"><input maxlength="100 " name="hida2" size="3" style="display: none;" value="" type="text"><input onmouseover="this.className='sbcontact sbcontacthov'" onmouseout="this.className='sbcontact'" class="sbcontact" name="Submit" value="Submit " type="submit"> <input onmouseover="this.className='sbcontact sbcontacthov'" onmouseout="this.className='sbcontact'" class="sbcontact" name="Clear" value=" Clear " type="reset"></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2" align="center"></td></tr>
<i><a href="">Make your own custom contact form!</a></i>
Preview your contact page, if it's working, publish it right then so we can proceed to the next part!

Second Part:

1. Sign up or Register at, if you are done, find for the button Add Form, kindly follow screen-shots.

NOTE: Please save every changes you'll going to make.

2. Click Add Form button and a pop-up box will appear giving you two choices. Please click the first one which says I'd like to choose from a list of free-made forms.

3. You will be redirected to a page containing a simple contact form, the next step is to click customize button.

4. This time, you need to open the settings to make some important changes at its default settings.

A. In your confirmation setting, choose redirect URL. You can either use the contact us page URL (if you want this, copy your contact page URL you recently published) or your blog homepage URL. If you choose the first, then after your reader sent his message, emailmeform will redirect him again to your Contact Page, or if you choose the second one, you reader will be redirected to your blog homepage.

B. In your Label Placement setting, choose Left Aligned.

C. In your Send Button Alignment setting, choose Left.

D. In your Anti Spam setting, choose None. Most blog spammers do not disclose information, since they are required to submit valid email address, they might hesitate to spam you. Now Save!

5. After saving data, choose Take me back to the form manager. Base on the screen-shot, kindly click notifications.

6. This time you are under Recipient Notifications page, the recipient is you so you need to provide your valid email address where you wish to receive messages sent to you via your blog contact page. Carefully supply your email address and click that green plus button and save your data again!This time, choose Open new window and view my form!

7. You are almost done! A new window or tab will open containing your contact form. All you have to do is Copy and Paste your full contact form URL at the address bar as shown below and securely put it in a notepad.

8. Please go back to you blog dashboard and this time, edit your contact page, you need to change the contact form URL (as the default is mine). Note: Please do not get confuse with the screen-shot as I made the marking in a notepad, now proceed to your Contact Page and carefully find the code I gave below.

>>Search for (the one enveloped with blue box in the screen-shot) and replace that one with your contact form URL you recently pasted in a notepad! Carefully watch for the opening " and closing " just before and after the contact form URL at the codes provided, never omit any of them.

Note: You might also want to change the border color of your custom contact form, so if in case, please follow the one I enveloped with red boxes.

9. If you make changes with the border color, preview it before publishing just to make sure your new color is showing! If it's perfectly working, published your contact page! Now your Contact Page is ready!

If in case you encountered some problem, please do not hesitate to send your queries at the Contact Us Page or directly drop them at the comment area.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free Web Resources that Analyze Your Blog Traffic

There are numerous small pieces and programs of software on the web which can create your blog very nice and very proficient, to spotlight on some special programs which will assist you to discover what type of traffic you are receiving and whether it is helpful web traffic or in case you are receiving any type of traffic at the entire.
The primary piece of the resource or software is known as Google Analytics.
This is completely free type of resources and software which you can place into the code of website or blog. In case you are not very relaxed with regulating the code of website or blog do not be anxious, there are extremely clear commands on where to position it. One time there it can provide you the entire types of helpful details such as the person who is searching your website, from where and how lengthy they are spend on every page. This can assist you to search out what is receiving the mainly attention on the website and after that you can correct your website content consequently.
The next resource or pieces of the software which will confirm helpful arrive from the website known as click tale.
This is the same piece of the software in a few manners except it shows details in the mode of image so you can distinguish what persons have been performing on your site and wherever they have been hitting. It even has the helpful characteristic of displaying you where persons are ending on your webpage. This assist you situate the adverts wherever they are moving to be observed the mainly. It is completely free for the essential service except you can compensate for the service of premium facility. In case you are simply just beginning out then it is value paying for the service of premium membership.
The final resource or piece of program is known as stat counter.
This is good as it display you extremely just how a lot of persons have searched your site and how a lot of of those are exclusive visitors. It possibly does not provide you the similar type of information like the additional two except it is the very obvious and it is the just single that permits you to place a counter on the website. You can allow persons who search your site or online blog to appear at this information or only explain them how a lot of persons have been to your website.

Image Source:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Download Free Social Icons in 3D for Free – 6 icons in 3 sizes

Are you in need of pretty sets of social icons in 3D with names on it? We have the latest link to its resource so that you can get them, in different sizes for free!
Why social media icons important?
Instead of simply putting an anchor text or link of your social participation like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ on your blog sidebar or header, you actually put an art to them by using social icons. The problem is, if we have no enough knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, we cannot able to make a beautiful sets to impress our readers. But we got alternatives!  We can use icon generators, or icons search engines to search for downloadable sets that may suits the template of our blog. Below are my previous posts that will tell you how exactly a newbie can generate an amazing icons:
Aside from that, as I am so addicted to collecting some free fine-made icons to make our blog more alive and engaging, we can now have 6 popularly used icons in 3D, in 3 different sizes like 48, 64 and 128 pixels! So, if you feel the need of changing your old icons, or if you don’t have any – you can get this one anytime from one of my favorite blog since I started blogging – Spice Up Your Blog! Click the image to download! (Scroll down below to see how to use social icons properly.)
How to Use Social Icons?
After downloading, unzipped it first! How?
Simply go to the download folder, right lick on the zipped file, then extract it to a specified location or folder.
You can now open all of them, choose what size you want and upload them to your image hosting sites, like Picasa, Flickr, etc.
How to Link the Icons to My Social Networks?
It’s like making a banner that works, please check this short tutorial!
What are you waiting for? Any question, feel free to ask.

See you!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quality, Professionalism and Marketing Lead to a Successful Blogging

As early as stage one of blogging, you are doing every possible way to promote your newborn blog. What it takes though? Promotion is one of the biggest challenges that would test your determination and dedication. Sometimes, you tried to compare your blog to the established ones which receive high amount of traffic daily, yet the comparison would stumble you down. Do not try to compare, but instead, focus and concentrate in building a paved way.
Successful Blogging

Discover the happenings behind the scene.

You won't understand unless you know the true story. Ask yourself why they have gone that far. Have they traveled a long long way or have they taken the shortcut? The answer was revealed to me, if you are serious of what you are doing now, then it's a long trip ahead. There is no shortcut.

Fasten your seat-belt and get ready for the bumpy drive.

That's the first thing you can do. Are you dedicated enough? Then you are ready to bring it on. You might be looking for the secret formula to bring your blog to the next level, but the secret entails effort as there is no overnight success. If you are waiting for that to happen, you are then wasting your time. You are like driving in a hurry with a seat-belt off, a traffic officer caught you.

Focus. Do not be overwhelmed with so many secret formulas.

None of them would work if you skip the basic. This is the story behind the scene of those successful bloggers in the vast blogosphere.
Quality Content + Professional Template + Marketing = Successful Blogging
  • Quality is always the king - do not compromise the quality of your posts with quantity. If you want to post twice a day, make sure it would meet a certain standard. What's important, post or blog often. Strictly observe on your grammar, spelling, and of course the message of your post. Are you telling them something worth reading?
  • Professional Template - a professional looking template is a blog theme with a friendly interface. Observe cleanliness and orderliness, make sure it would accommodate your readers well. Give them a virtual home to stay with.

    One important factor is the load time, do not stuff your blog with so many third party applications or plug-ins, it would sacrifice its speed. And, not the least, apply basic SEO or get a free professional blog template.

  • Marketing - Do you have great and useful contents to market with? Is your blog can able to accommodate prospected readers already? Then you should take another extra step-- marketing! If your blog deserve promotion, why not? It's your time to shine.

    There are various media of marketing, and one of which is getting involved with the most flocked social networks nowadays like Twitter and Facebook. This is the time to participate well with social networking sites to get more visibility.

Are you ready to get more twitter followers?

Get More Twitter Followers
The counts of your twitter followers, for example, would help you spread the good news about your blog a bit faster. Spending some extra amount from your pocket won't hurt if you see that your blog is energetically participating the race. So, do not miss the opportunity in receiving 1000 Twitter followers or more in just a matter of a week. You are in the concentration of providing your readers with quality blog posts, let the promotion be done by an expert who offers reliable service with a cheap price! How is the idea of killing a mosquito one by one?

In fact, I get more than a thousand Twitter followers in a week. So, are you ready to Buy Twitter Followers? I am sure BuyRealMarketing can help you.

More about at PRWeb.

Final Words:

Successful blogging is possible when you only post quality contents, and a provide your readers with a professional blog template or theme. BUT, you cannot press the equal sign, the formula is not yet complete. Remember: Quality Contents + Professional Template + Marketing = Successful Blogging.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rebuild Your Path - a Way to Better Blogging

Let me share to you what inspired me today - it's an article from my newly found mentor for blogging, Samantha Gluck, she will lead us the way to find inspiration in our broken paths.
It's motivational and inspiring. In the early days of blogging, what are the things that made us think it's impossible to get successful? Let me enumerate mine:
  • Content - Content and Quality is the king. How can I survive? How can I produce original and quality contents as often as possible?
  • Traffic - the most challenging ever. How can I grow my traffic? It's not an overnight task. It's tricky. It's hard... It's hard to befriend the search engines.
  • Authority - one of the hardest. It's synonymous to respect us well. Once blogger has it, it's not really hard for him to promote his contents.
  • Money - if I don't blog for money, I might have abandoned this blog. It's about patience and waiting for the "perfect" time. Can you wait?
Despite of that, am not broken really, she don't believe that dreams can be broken down into pieces - it's just lost for some reasons.

The factors I have mentioned sometimes steal my dreams and put it somewhere, but through looking at successful people, by observing how they thrive and fight to make their dreams come true... I guess I would spend time to search it from nowhere and possess it again.

Image source: thesolesearch

See you.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Join Triberr

How is blogging after the Google Penguin Updates?  Well, I would say my traffic decreased. That’s the reality. Penguin wants “natural” – that means natural way of building authority and back links. How can we do that?

It’s when we learn how to use social networks, and blogging community to raise traffic and engagement to our blog (the best alternative). That’s my biggest mistake done early this year – I abandoned my community to write for the search engines.

Authority and back links can be built naturally, and readers, followers and friends will do that. Early today, I receive a long craved comment to SB, after I lost the sight of my old friends in the blogosphere. I checked it out and enjoyed commenting again to Lisa’s nice posts – and I learned how triberr increase and double her traffic.

If you are familiar with, it sounds familiar – yet there is something you should check out!

Basically, to join triberr, you need to provide your email address and blog URL, then allow triberr to access your twitter account – that’s how you can automatically log-in and set the rest manually.

How to add your blog to your newly created account?


  1. Setting – click the down arrow next to your profile name and select settings.
  2. Choose blog settings.
  3. Blog URL is automatically added, so provide your feed URL.
How to Find Blog Valid Feed URL? (for Blogger blogs)

It’s simple, copy the address below and add it to your blog address.


It would look like this:
Then Discover More!

Tribes – to start browsing tribes, you need to add your interest and start connecting.

triberr2 Bonfires – or should I say it’s the “tweets” if we talk about twitter.

Bones – it’s  your fuel, or rights to make an invites… 15 bones per invites, upon joining you got 100 bones… let’s discover more – that’s my initial know-how!

So I guess we should give a try Lisa’s tips to increase traffic!

See you:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Find Most Popular Stories and Favorite Topics at Alltop


Googling. That’s the usual thing we do when we want to look for popular stories, or looking for hot blog topics of our interests.

Twoogling. I guess this would only happen when Google takes over Twitter (acquire), since many of us, including myself love tweet searching using hashtags. When the term twoogling created? Read Google Enter the Twitter Game.

Anyways, what else you do to find the hot stories of the day? Whether it’s about blogging, health, politics, etc? Well, to be honest, I don’t know what to do… I want to write new topics but it seemed what I have in mind may be to repetitive with my previous posts, so I search for fresh, hot or popular topics to “duplicate”… No, just kidding. Searching for topics to help write mine, that’s what I mean.

Alltopping. My Post editor lined this term read, so just added Alltopping to dictionary, same as Googling or Twoogling, you can easily find the most popular stories in a super clean interface – that’s Alltop!

Well … browse the homepage and see what’s hot! Or, find for the latest feeds by searching popular topics by keyword or interest – there you can find at the top! Or simply type it at the search bar!


What’s really awesome, you can select the latest, or popular topic in a clean sheet like this:

alltop1 After a couple of hours, trying to look for the most attractive title at the search results – I have found 1 or 2 blogs I read with interest, and I discovered new blogging ideas.

You know, sometimes, bloggers need to go out in the open! Sometimes, I don’t do that. When am to loaded with task, I just write, write and write. Well, it’s not bad, but, we must listen to the news. What others are craving to know? What others are saying? What’s going viral? Catch it up! Alltop can give you, in few clicks – all the top stories, from work to sports, from health to blogging!

See you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Blogging Tips for Inspired Bloggers

This post is a special contribution of livingsenior.
...go with your gut and take the first thing that pops into your mind.
While you’re thinking of what to write for your own blog post, pause a minute here to check out what others are saying about blog writing. There are a zillion tips and tricks – many of which would be helpful… if only you had the time to read them.

One thing that comes up time and again is the importance of writing fast. Face it, some people are agonizingly slow writers. They write down a thought and then reread it, rewrite it and delete it before they start the process all over again. Nothing is good enough. There’s nothing bad about being conscientious, but in blog writing, time is of the essence. This isn’t War and Peace. Your readers want advice, commentary and humor – not perfection.
So you pick up the pace. Then what? Well, it’s a great idea to get your thoughts on paper faster, but as every writer (and editor) knows, the writing still needs to be readable. Blogs are, by definition, a casual form of writing. That’s fine. It’s okay to abandon AP style. It’s even okay to start a sentence with an “and” or a “but.” But…you can’t misspell things or have long run-on, unreadable sentences that lose your readers after the first 10 words. So once you (quickly) get your thoughts down on paper, take a minute or two to read it over – and clean it up. Don’t be tempted to rewrite everything. Use the advice of teachers everywhere: go with your gut and take the first thing that pops into your mind. In blog writing, the same is true. Don’t rewrite what makes the writing yours.
Try using bullets to make your points.
  • Bullets attract the eye and set your thoughts apart.
  • It’s easy for readers to scan things that are in a paragraph set apart by bullets.
  • Bullets make it easy to find something you want to reread again later.
Every writer has their own style – that’s part of being a writer – but you also need to know your audience. If you’re writing for geeks, use tech-y terms (as long as you understand them). If you’re writing for business professionals, you’ll want to use a more serious tone.

Stay true to yourself. You started your blog because it meant something to you. Don’t let others pressure you to change your point of view. Mention both sides, yes. But cave? No. On the other hand, don’t present that point of view in a condescending, rude or patronizing tone. And if you printed incorrect information – or found other facts that cause you to change your mind -- well then, by all means say so. And say why. Readers won’t always agree with you, but you’ll want them to respect you. Write on.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

12 Effective Make Money Blogging Tips to Remember

Blogging is like planting a tree. At the early stage, you expect to exert your best effort to water, weed, and guard your little tree so that it will grow tall, fruit bearing one. Blogging is similar to that example, you need to build a better blog first, before you can expect a living from it, finally you can quit your job and work from home, right at your living room. But what it takes?
Here are 12 vital make money blogging tips to follow so that you can build a better foundation in your early blogging career.
  1. Use Professional Looking Template - (Blogging platform is based on your own preference.) Choose a neat looking template for your blog. It must be accommodating to the eyes of your readers. You can either use a default template from blogger or download free premium blogger templates available. Learn to customize the header, the post body and the sidebar. Consult COMPUTER HOPE for color complement for your template.
  2. Avoid too many Plug-ins and Widgets - aside changing the design of your template to your own taste, you can use free to embed plug-ins to add more engagement on your blog. But do not overuse it. There are many helpful blog tools around that includes feed burner for subscription, Google custom search, friend connect, sharing and bookmarking tools, etc. If you use third party applications, please consider reading bloggers’ review or feedback. Make sure it won’t affect the loading time of your blog and its browsing compatibility. Consider the major used browsers for making such decisions like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
  3. Write Original and Quality Contents - “Quality is the King”, it won’t change. You must be unique. All your contents must be owned by you and not someone else’s existing post from nowhere. Search engines are hungry for quality and fresh contents every day, so feed them with your informative and helpful posts.
  4. Use Searchable Keywords - Practice using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Your title, headlines or post body must contain searchable keywords. Use “reasonable” number of keywords within your contents. Avoid keyword stuffing, the excessive use of keywords to deceive search engines. The keyword tool is very helpful if you “know” how to use the data from your query, so learn to use them to drive organic traffic to your blog.
  5. Write Persuasive Post - How would you convinced your readers to read your entire article? Use attractive title, and tempting headlines. You can either use essay style of writing, or a list post, or a combination of the two. Use visual aids such as pictures, graphics or videos. If you have original images, better use it. Make sure you are objective and precise. Make sure you tackle your subject matter well. Spoon feed, or leave a hanging ending, it must be of your reference.
  6. Write like a Pro - Do not tell them you are a total newbie. You might be a newbie in the blogosphere, but you are “not” a beginner in the topic you choose to blog about. You just started a blog about gardening, but you are a gardener for a long time before you decided to come out online for others to benefit your knowledge and techniques. You are here because you are expert in a certain matter, you want to share it free.
  7. Write Fast - Do you blog in between your offline job? You need to write fast. How to do that? Concentrate and believe in yourself. Write, and continue writing. Do not draft, and delete the entire paragraph you have written. Remember, you cannot be perfect, what’s important, the message you will be imparting to your readers.
  8. Write Often - Writing like a pro and fast are not enough. Blogger must blog often. It’s a “must” and not an option if you want to see a productive blog in the future. You need to provide fresh contents, and attract search engines of your scents. In my case, sometimes I may be hindered by our internet unstable connection, but if time is manageable – I don’t forget to post. If you work as a team, much better, I have known a blog that was launched last February 2012, and they have 50,000 estimated visitors as of today, with alexa traffic of about 32,000. Fact – they post 2 or 3 post daily following a good posting schedule as explained below.
  9. Set a Good Posting Schedule - I came from the million. That’s my alexa rank before, but upon following some good tips of successful bloggers, I see it going down gradually – so it’s an improvement. How posting schedule can affect your rank? It’s just that, alexa is an American Site (though am not sure of its ranking algorithm), but once you have posted your contents at their early working hours, say 8:00AM to 10:00AM, it will have a good effect of your rank.
  10. Use a Contact Form - Your blog might be silent for the time being, but you have followers, and if you provide some way to reach you in private – they will say “hello” and inspired you in that way. What are other purposes of blog contact form?
  11. Concentrate on your Niche - successful bloggers are focused on a niche they mastered for years, you can gradually build an authority by publishing helpful contents to your blog branded with your subject of interest. What are the cons of writing different topics? You will be destructed as to what your focus will be, just like me in the beginning. You cannot concentrate, jumping from one subject to another with no connection at all.
  12. Always Think Positive - This is the test. If you think the opposite way, you can’t run a blog longer. You might abandon it, or start new hoping to collect pennies. You will end up with nothing, just a time wasted. So, decide, act purposely, think straight forward, and do not quit. There are hard times, absolutely, but “quitters never win” and it’s so true here in the blogosphere.
  13. Well, it’s about building a great foundation. Once you do, you can enjoy blogging and making money out of it, together with the presence of you family at your living room.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Writing Guest Post

This is a good question for blog beginners who wish to get more traffic free, and aims to build a good reputation in the blogosphere. This is when you think of working with other pro bloggers who have a better reputation, high amount of blog traffic in their respective blogs daily.

Writing a guest post is another challenge in our blogging career. One should consider guest posting, but how? As I have read about experiences of several successful bloggers, one of their humble statements is "they never worked all alone in their blogging years", in fact they have contributed several articles in highly respected blogs in the web, and their contribution had helped them get the name "Pro Blogger".
When you asked, what is the most affordable method on how to increase blog traffic to your blog, the nearest answer to this question is writing and submitting guest post to blogs of your niche that are around for years and have a stable traffic and good reputation to readers.
How to write a guest post?
This subject "guest post" will run a series of posts here in the SB in the coming days, and I am starting this by writing some important tips on how to write one great guest post you will be proud of. Not all submitted guest posts are published. Blog editors will choose them carefully. You might consider my humble list:
  • Find Blogs which accepts guest post, it should be in your niche, or blogs of your interest.
  • Search forums about guest bloggers, consider their experiences and suggestions.
  • Follow the list of blogs which accepts guest post, and plan where you will submit your first contribution.
  • Scan their archives so that you will know if you will be submitting first heard or unique content.
  • Your post must be original, well written and informative.
  • Remember, this is like a contest, so make sure you will be chosen. Make a better plan for your subject, and come out with your best.
  • Your post will give you the chance to be heard by loyal readers of the blog you will be guest posting, and if you are deserving, you will receive a high amount of traffic (referrals) in return.
  • Importantly, this will give you powerful backlinks, not cheap! It will help you in alexa ranking and Google page rank update.
Have I tried guest posting already?
Well, it would be my first time as well. I have written my first draft, and by the end of this week I will be telling you if my post is accepted by the editor of my chosen blog.

So stay tuned for updates, I will be sharing more tips too.

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See you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Write Really Really Fast - An Effective Writing Exercise

Am here sitting in the net cafe, Sunday mid-afternoon, I still have too many pages left on my Law book for tomorrow's challenge with my professor. Am not done reading yet, the humid atmosphere at my room got me walking and slipping inside an air-conditioned net cafe. Way back on the late of 2011 and early 2012, I used to be here almost every night for SB, then here I am again.
Last night, I published my post about 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time, today, this is a continuation to the tips that came out from my head as a fruits of my writing experiments over the months.
How to write really really fast?
Well, yes, if you are like me, you have the right to ask how can you really write in speed. Writing really fast is not bad, I told it and I emphasize it in my post - How to Write Faster Maintaining the Quality of Your Content. Indeed, this habit is productive in our blogging career, specially because the term "blog" means writing and posting fresh contents everyday. Anyway, you are not oblige to write, no one well told you "your blog is empty today". Rather, if you really think something good will happen in the future because of your "blog" then you must take the responsibility in writing.

This very moment, as you can notice it, am writing fast - yes.
Writing fast is about sitting and concentrating and putting all your thoughts on your post editor, not regarding if you got the good flow of words or spelling mistakes.
This is about "taking advantage" of the time where your mind is envelope with your passion in writing. This is about the work of your thoughts and "imagination" and fingers. Think, type until you got all the things you want to say.

You know, I believe that in a point of time, we have the ability to write one single post, or an ability to explain one single subject in "just a flow of thoughts". If we lost it, we will not find the trace or we might had a hard time finding it.

How to hold it from not passing by without documentation? It's "writing really really fast."
What you do when your terror professor dictates your assignment for the weekend?
All you have to do is scribble down words or keywords, or if you can really follow, his entire statement or instruction. That's what we do while we are writing. We don't give the chance that something would destruct us from loosing any precious ideas that are flowing in our bright imagination - they are fast like a flowing river, so be quick.

This post is different from the other one I made, obviously this is not a list post, but see? Did I write all the things I want to tell you write now? I do not stop because I forget the term I want to write, I do not stop because of the spelling mistakes I made, I only stop after am done catching all the things my mind dictates me to write - it's the time am going to edit my piece.

Should I sum up? If you want to write really fast, don't work many tabs on your browser, concentrate on your post editor, write everything you want to say, and rest and edit your work if you are done writing everything. It's catching the flows in your bright imagination.

This post is inspired from How to Write Fast @ Problogger.

Image Source: contentflicks

See you.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time

I mean it; every new blogger must learn to write blog post fast during break time. While we are not earning a living through blogging yet, we need not to abandon our job. But we cannot stop blogging either. Working at your task serves your daily needs, getting a master’s degree, or building a better blog will serve you in the future. Both are important.
These 10 tips for writing fast are not the direct way of earning through blogging, but these will be the way so that new blogger can build a better foundation with his early blogging career, especially if he chooses to write a post during his free time. This is about producing more quality contents with the least possible time consumed.
  • Build a habit of reading and writing. This is the very secret. How can you write fast if you do not enjoy writing? How can you write fast if you don’t have enough idea to write? Let me tell you – my day is not complete without this stuff. I love to read and write; they are so intertwined with blogging. The whole thing is about frequency, the more you engage yourself in reading and writing, the more you can write in speed flawlessly.
  • Connect your post like a story. Write a post that will link to your recently published topics. Jumping to another subject needs time and research, but writing in connection to the last one you did will let your write with ease because you have more ideas to connect into. Linking your previous post is also a good SEO practice, that will make your blog united as a whole.
  • Build a habit of listing down ideas. There are good keywords that will passed by in your head, but you might forget it when you are already occupied with your task at work. This topic I am writing right now is so happened when I walked my way home. I quickly get my mobile phone and listed the idea “5 how to write fast tricks revealed” on a memo. So, today, I don’t need to think about a topic in nowhere, instead, modified and enhanced the topic I had last night.
  • Writing fast does not mean posting quickly. Writing is a process, though we want to write within 20 minutes or less, but not literally hitting the publish button of your post editor without checking if your content pass the quality requirements – you will know that if you follow the process with careful consideration. Quality content does not mean length, it means information. Is you post worth reading? Is your post free of typos and spelling mistakes?
  • Write in time interval. Writing fast does not mean again completing your post that very moment. That point in time is your drafting stage. It’s not the product yet. Your break time basically last 30 minutes, so you can spend half of that constructing your ideas; then work again or your boss will caught you blogging. The next break, read again your post, and adds additional information. The best way to edit typos in your post is reading it after finishing each paragraph. Just remember one important quality check before posting – editing. Do not hit publish until you are sure your post is good enough to be read by your valued readers.
The truth is - I wrote this post in 2 time intervals. During my lunch break, and break on the afternoon after am done collecting pictures for our company’s product catalog. I am resting, so I spend it here again. Since I edit each paragraph after I write it, I got a little thing to do this time. This post is almost good enough.

See you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Value of Time Management in Blogging Success

This is an update of a life of an office worker, student, and blogger. Well, yes, I able to manage serving several masters at the same time, yet, I could not say I manage them all well.

I got 24 hours a day, I worked 8 hours, I study 4 hours, how much time left for blogging? How much time left for my personal life? Well, you know, no one is a superhero, but there is a certain magic that could help anyone manages those everyday task, with 90% efficiency.

I called it – time management!
What is the value of time management in blogging success then? Anyway, recently, I have incorporated the value of patience in blogging success – if one can wait with patience, then it’s possible to reach the peak of his goal, in a certain time though the time of happening might be not certain, yet it will come.

Today, let’s focus on time management. If you choose to have a complex life, like me, then you need to learn to manage everything that you have right now. Make a proper schedule of your daily routine. How to do it?
  • Write your daily schedule, and separate things that are “must” to be done. Do you have upcoming deadlines? Work on it before starting another task. Do not leave it unfinished. If you leave important matter unfinished, see how it would stress you when it falls due.
  • Learn to say no. It’s doesn’t mean you become ineffective of your job. It’s about accepting responsibility if you are sure you can stand with it. It’s your liability if you accept a task even if you know you have no time for it. Be honest, and it will set you free.
  • Do you mean writing your schedule down? Well, the problem is, if you fail to follow what you have written. What you do is not conforming in your list, then you do not follow your guide and you might fail to manage your time well. Mean what you write, and see things falling into its proper place.
  • Make use of every minute you have. Instead of thinking to write, get a piece of paper and write, or instead of thinking about writing a new blog post, get your fingers on your keyboard and start typing one. If you have unfinished paperwork, do not worry of running out of time, instead be in a state of action. Do it, or you will be late.
  • Think positive, especially in writing a blog post. Think about SEO, but do not let it hinder you to do what you love. SEO is there, its part of blogging success, but “You” will the one who is the vital factor of your success. Be truthful to your real assumption, consider it first, say something about it – and you will have unique ideas. What I mean, do not be imprisoned of someone’s expert insights about the matter – experiment, do an enhancement!

Let me see you gain…

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Value of Patience in Blogging Success

Our words for the day is Patience and Blogging Success. These two terms are so common, yet, there are people who don't know the real meaning of it. I will tell you why is that patience is linked to blogging very closely.
Why the blogosphere needs patient bloggers?
  • The blogosphere loves competition - how can one competes if he gave up in the first place?
  • Blogging is a real challenge. You will have a downturns of your traffic anytime.
  • Would you give up if all your blog readers ran away somewhere?
  • Would you give up publishing contents seeing no comment on your posts? No. You should keep on blogging.
  • Time constraint. Your hectic schedule can seemingly grab your chance of writing new, but, you can continue blogging by considering a good time management.
  • The thinking to produce the greatest post ever. Well, a magic post comes anytime, just write, just share helpful thoughts in your head without worrying it would go viral.
  • Google Page Rank is 0 or going down. Alexa putting you at the last. Worry not. Keep away from them for a reasonable period, blog often and comeback. There would be some significant change for sure.
  • And - do not compare your blog to the well-established ones. They are there before you know what is blogging about. They knew the "thing" piece by piece. You are here to start your own, do your steps.
  • When answering your examinations, looking at your classmates, tracking what page of they are will make your worry, and you might answer less than the items given. In blogging, don't run out of time by looking at the other, checking where they are. Mind your own!
  • Listen to the expert, but do not set aside your ideas. There are to many "how to make money blogging" or "how to blog traffic" tutorials around, but you cannot apply all of them. Decide, and choose just few and work on it a little harder. Results might be delayed, so - be patient.
  • Patience? It's all that we have. Without it, we would give up, abandon or deactivate our blog, without any hope for success. Blog, just blog and success is waiting anytime. It's survival in the huge blogosphere!
Am writing this thoughts today, because sometimes, in my blogging career, like most of the beginners, am disappointed or thought of giving up for some reasons. But every end of the day, like my life offline, I must be patient or I would look forward for nothing. As an accountancy student, my professor told us: before we can reach the peak, there's a lot of sacrifices and headaches. That's true. I have do no doubt - so just keep on moving. There might be boring days, but do something to make it alive. We are on the same shoes. You are not alone. Stay positive!

See you:)

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