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Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Find a Keyword for a Better Blog SEO

Are you familiar with keywords? In a simplified term, it's a word, a group of words, or short phrases people "you" used in finding something with the use of search engines. As a blogger and content publisher we need to know these words in order that our contents, posts, articles can be searchable. You can read my previous article about How to Do Keyword Research and Why It is Important?, that will briefly explain why it is important for us bloggers to do some careful and serious keyword research.

Today, my objective for writing this post is to let you know that keyword study must be a part of our system as bloggers. We should not put this in the last list of our priorities when we try to draft our new post. Do you have a fresh or new idea? Do you have a good title to it? It's actually the perfect time to ask the keyword tool for a better title suggestions, by incorporating your ideas to the suggested keywords.

For me - no other free tool that can beat Google Adwords Keyword Tool, it's really helpful and they have just brought some nice update and enhancement to the keyword service. Let's find out. Anyway, please read this post if you are completely new with it - 5 Steps on How to Begin Writing Quality Post for Blogspot Blog. It explained the step by step process.
What's New?
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  • They are group ideas - so meaning related or similar ideas are group together, and you can easily exported it an excel or csv file.
  • Important columns - keywords, the rate of competition, the global and monthly searches figures, and the approximate CPC.
  • What's the use of this info? - This is your guide in picking one or two keywords for your post. What the most searchable? Consider the rate of competition as well as the local searches.
  • What's the use of CPC? - it's the cost per click! If CPC is higher, you have the chance to earn bigger with your adsense ads provided you have a reasonable blog traffic. The more traffic, the more chance they will find one of your ads interesting.
  • Would you choose the keywords with highest CPC among the suggestions? No, not necessarily. In your exported excel file, you can add another column for potential earning, multiply global or local number of searches to CPC, then you can have a potential earning estimates. If the competition is lower, and the global and local searches are higher, and CPC is higher = higher potential earnings.
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So, how to find a keyword? You know the answer by now, most probably. Anyway, those are data and information that would serve as our guides, if we know, or at least try our best to know on how to use and apply them - then it's rewarding! It might be hard and tricky, but I am sure it's worth our time.

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