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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why and Why? Care to Know Why?

"What you see, what you read is the poetry behind me. This is what it takes to live a life."

Why and why I incorporate blogging tricks right here at SB, and why I challenge you all to know about it little by little?

1. Content is not enough. We need to have a virtual home where we can accommodate our readers and friends.

2. With helpful, humorous or content that can certainly draw readers attention, plus a welcoming blog looks, our blogging experience is truly unforgettable.

3. SB is built in an effort to bring you a different concept of blogging, where the author, I, do not absolutely believe that 'content is the King'. It's not enough.

4. I can recommend you a must followed tutorials on how to build a totally distinctive blog, where you can call it your own, why I bother sharing you the tricks right here? Well, it's different, in here I can totally feel you, because few months ago I was once a totally complete stranger of the spices that will add the taste to our blogs.

5. Well, where is the poetry, where are the life matters? Let me think for a while, ummmmmm, I got you the answer. What you read now, is the poetry and life behind me. This is what it takes to live a life...

If I won't tell you now, you won't feel I was furious couple of hours ago right? Well, I was. I was bursting with disgust. Care to ask me what it is? Well, it's secret for now. It's work related again, what I do now is think, think, reflect, smile, smile, laugh, focus, breath, breath again... I am on the process of letting go... and sharing you these wonderful things is part of the process. Let us all smile guys!

Well, as for the challenge, you must respond to it...

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