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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Correctly Customize Your Blog Template and Embed Free Plug-Ins

Learn blog tricks slowly!
Are you interested in customizing your blog design? Well, perhaps you are in the right place now. As blog beginners, you should take things slowly. And you know, "time" will show you the way.

Learning is a "process", and you should not worry if right now you learn only few things in the blogosphere. What you need to do today? Choose one thing you want to know and:
  • focus
  • experiment
One thing I know, knowledge and intelligence are not enough if you don't enjoy the process, so make blogging unforgettable for you, whether you are writing about pets, about foods or about computer tricks.

Anyway, this would be the start for customizing your blog right now. If you want to know about HTML and many tricks on making your blog alive, you should not apply tutorials you found anywhere at your beloved blog directly.

You should create another test blog!

Create another blog and you can name it like "My Test Blog". Purposely, it's created to let your learn to customize your own design according to your taste.
  • Do you want to have a colorful template?
  • Do you want to have a simple and light theme for your blog?
And I tell you, can always make changes if you already learned the basic. If you directly apply changes to your blog, readers might be disturbed by such unofficial changes, think about them.


As you may found several easy to embed blogger plug-ins anywhere, consider using them. Do not copy paste the code without looking for users' reviews. Most of the times, third party applications will make your blog loads slower, well, I don't want much waiting and so you do, I guess.

Consider the looks of your blog, do not make it look like a dump-site, and that is why, using your test blog for testing several blog customization and free plug-ins are advised.

Well, see you.

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