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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Become Organized Is Like Blog Tricks to Learn About

Now I am taking a break with keywords, and I am digesting your replies at my last blog post ~ here♥. Can you try to guess what I am thinking?

Anyway, I am just wondering if I can share and write various blog tips that I learned here without leaving the insightful way of writing that I used to do recently. In other words, the how to blog ideas plus the insights about life right here at SB! I am still on the way to become an optimist and for the past few days I have applied that well.

It would be a good experiment, what do you think? I mostly do some experiments even at work, and most of the results turned to be working well!

Perhaps I can organize things here like what I did when I am racing my deadline on Monday at work. I have to do an annual report on purchases plus an urgent stock inventory! Since one of my most important files was totally corrupted, I did a lot of hard work just to pass these important reports on Monday! Well, I am always positive, that way I able to finish one of them, tomorrow would be another race against time!

What I did is just organized things... but how to become organized is a kind of blog tricks and tips to learn about. Sometimes you cannot blame me if I would insist that the word blogging and the word life is closely intertwined!

When there is html, javascript and all related things that made you wonder how website stand pretty in your browsers, at work, I also got a powerful excel that sort all the things I needed plus a positive attitude I actually nurtured through blogging! Is that another good news?

With that, I just wonder if it's possible for me to do these things at one place, that means here at SB without confusing you at all! Well, if there is a will, there is a way for sure! Let's find that out in the coming days, if I can organize things like that, then that's a bonus to blogging!

Anyway, how about the word Self Blooming? I thought about that just couple of months before, but I cannot just change Simplified Blogging to Self Blooming, because of that I got plan B! It's simple, when I cannot able to organize things this way then I will present to you my insightful way of telling things about life at Self Blooming!

See you guys ♥♥♥

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