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Monday, May 14, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Mind in a Good Writing Mode

Simplified Blogging Top 10 Tips
How if you want to write and nothing comes out in your mind? Being not in the mood for writing, and the eagerness to do so will just simply stressed you out.
Why there are times that you really want to write something and nothing would come out from your head?
There are several reasons why. Writing is not an easy task if you are not prepared. In my experience, it is when I am surrounded and bombarded with negative elements. Sometimes, I am just occupied with too many things, and that would be the worst that can happen to my day. Problems are not just the ones that would give you some headache, because thinking and considering too many things, trying to work them out at the same time would give you an aching head, and nothing good would come out really.

How can you keep yourself in a writing mode?

  • Organize Things - Simply put, perform your tasks one a time. When your attention is shifting every now and then, your mind is prone to stress, and you cannot work out well. Know your Shoud's and Must's.
  • Observe and ask questions - Be a keen observer. Learn to investigate. Make every difference that you have noticed a source of a good idea.
  • Blog according to your interest and habit - If you are a housewife, you have the potential to write a cooking or housekeeping blog. It might be about different recipes or different tips in making your home clean. Otherwise, if you work in front of a computer monitor, with lots of paper works waiting for you daily, you can then write a good blog on how you can able to cope up with your hectic schedules.
  • Do not let any single idea slip away - I am serious, you need to note every good idea you think about. These are potential key points for your next post. You don't have to carry pen and paper of course, you can use your phone, type it in there. When you are in a middle of your work, and something pop-up in your mind, write or note it down quickly because your mind would be back in the work mode again and you can hardly remember what it is.
  • Keep on reading - This is one of the most important. Reading wouldn't be missing in every writing tips. Reading is the number one reason why you can write fluently, your vocabulary does. So, do not forget to make reading your leisure habit. It would nourish your intellect.
  • Know when is your writing mode - Do you want to post daily, or at least 6 times a week leaving Sunday a holiday? Find the exact time your mind is at ease and productive in writing, and make it a daily routine. If you feel comfortable crafting your quality post after dinner, then do it, make it a habit. Every after dinner times the following days, you would find yourself holding a pen and a paper. Find the time, build some space so that you can write effortlessly.
  • Visit blog directories or forums - Submit your blog at popular blog directories and participate some discussion about your topic or niche. Different talks or questions rose in there with your friends and fellow bloggers would be a good source for a next entry. Read forums as well. Do they have unresolved problems? Help them by writing a useful and informative post about it.
  • Participate on social networks - Use your friends' suggestions. Well, you can ask them to follow and suggest topics for your next entry.
  • Believe in yourself - Well, that has a great impact on you. It's the law of attraction. When I watched the film "The Secret", it taught me to think positive at all times. I noted some important words, and let me share to you this: "Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming." Believe that you can write fluently everytime you need and want to, and you can with ease.
  • Read news - Reading news from an several social media is helpful. You can subscribe for updates if you want to simply check it in your email. I regularly visit mashable, google blog and the like for new ideas and topic suggestions. In addition, you can also read and follow various blogs of your niche, you can surely get an idea on what to write daily.

Writing Policy:

Do Not Plagiarize
Do not plagiarize, always write original and quality contents. Quality always win!
Well, who knows I can complete writing 10 tips tonight inspired from a blogging discussion at blogcatalog? That's the secret guys. I supposedly numbered them in numerals, but they are in no particular order.

Drop your tips, it might add here :-)

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