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Monday, December 12, 2011

I was Tested

I was tested yesterday. I was asleep sound when Kuya Sander (the one I treated like my big brother) handed me a phone who thought I was still watching the movie from the bed. It was a phone call from my sister who was crying on the line. I wanted to understand her words in between her uncontrollable sobs, she was frightened as if someone chased her to death, and that was true.

It was my brother's wife who nearly hurt or in a worst extent, killed my sister who rushed to the bathroom to protect herself from the furious woman who gripped a knife running after her. (I don't want to sound biased so I have to keep this part short.)

It all started from a text message, how worst the outcome was? It was actually my sister fault for sending her a message trying to awaken her for her wrongs doings (about her lies and everything) yet I understand my sister as our entire family was involved already. Would you be on that woman side who abandoned her 4-month child? Who left her child in my sister's care?

I won't tolerate my sister when I know she was wrong... but I had rushed myself there and spoke against my brother and his wife because it was already my sister's life who was in danger.

That night, I got a sleepless one... I was not guilty, but I just did my part as a brother to my sister. All I know, 'Blood is thicker than water.'

I know it was a test of how strong I am... well, I just said the right thing after all. When it's about the life of a true innocent, I am just a fierce as they are to defend who deserve to win. I am sure, my sister remained the innocent, not the woman who hide on a thick mask of lies.

I just want to make it clear that I am trying to never hold anger or resentment towards my brother's wife. I guess, today and the next days to come, while pacing towards life, I am just more than prayerful for the better the silently cursing her... It sound bitter for me but I will admit I had done that before, but the feeling was more than worst.

Today, I am just surrendering everything to God...

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