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Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Reasons for Building and Writing a Great Blog

How long are you blogging write now? Today, I want to update my previous list about the “reasons to blog” by not actually looking at them. Why? I want to know if I’ve got the same idea as before – not too long ago, but it was the time that I know “blogging” has been a part of me. You can read it here - Top 10 Reasons Why You Have to Nurture Your Skill in Writing.

I "blog", I "write" and “post” often for the following reasons:
  • Sharing of ideas. You need not to be the expert in that field. What you need is the heart. If you spice up your post with "passion", there are lot you can share.
  • To document your knowledge. Do not keep all things in your head. Human brain is like a USB. There are limitations, and there is a danger of corruption. You cannot remember all the you have learned, you might forget some. How if you will do the most significant ones?
  • A best form of leisure habit. What you do while you are free? Read? Scan notes? Play poker? Chat? A best activity during your free time is the one that give you something in return, a different feeling of achievement. Just look at your blog. Scan your archives. Amazed?
  • Blogging let your validate assumptions. There are useful and helpful techniques not just limited to our life online, but our life in general. Blog about it, and see if it works for yourself. There are times worth experimenting, it will gonna paid off later.
  • Build a foundation of a living online. Yes. I am saying it right. Blogging is like planting a tree, it will grow and eventually bear fruits, then you can harvest them. Same here, if you blog, it will grow and get huge traffic and let your "make money blogging". This topic written by Darren Rowse at Problogger will tell you how he makes money from several blogs he maintained. It is so possible for every blogger once reaching a milestone in his blogging career like this notable blogger.
Let's talk a little about "Make Money Blogging".
Most of us have invested our time, effort, expertise and money to yield something in return that would gonna equate to a good and decent living. Yes, that is true. I decided to go back to school, taking a course more difficult than I expected, but I cannot turn my head away from SB, because I know I have a future for it- a bright one.

It's about harvesting what I have planted, watered, and cultured. How can a tree not bear fruit in that case? Money blogging comes out after patience and effort - and the mission to provide quality and great contents.

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