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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Write Faster Maintaining the Quality of Your Content

A big difference yes, writing fast, posting fast can sometimes sacrifice the quality of our content. But it's not always the case. In this situation, if you are like me, you will gamble to learn the ways, the appropriate technique in writing your blog post fast without sacrificing its quality. How can we do that anyway?
This is a follow up post of my recent topic about A Technique to Writing Fast - Make a Post within 20 Minutes or Less, of course, one should take caution in writing fast, you need to be alert for spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and sort of. But the real problem is your message. How can you craft a informative post in less than 20 minutes?
Everyone is busy.
From that concept, you need to present your ideas at "first look"! Don't let them search it, give them what they want instantly - that's writing fast. Take this, if you have the idea in mind, write it fast and the output is a concise post, a direct to the point content! Listed below are tips:
  • Write your title first. It's first thing first. It cannot exceed 70 characters, use word counter, MS word will do.
  • Edit your post by paragraph. You can easily spot typos this way. You only need the final reading after drafting the entire content.
  • Write less to avoid flaws. You are giving idea and information to a reader wanting it badly. Writing it with too much flowery words can destruct you from writing straight to the point.
  • Spoon feed. How graders are taught? Teachers give them everything. A complete "how to".
  • Do not write unfamiliar topic. Though it's viral, it doesn't mean you need to write it. Prioritize the one you know best.
  • Upgrade your style. I do, I just realize writing post with several topics or subjects do not worth the effort. I just did not have the clear mind, so clear yours.
To Sum Up:
Write a good title, write your post, make sure everything is written well including correct punctuations, write direct to the point (focus on one), do not write unclear idea, busy people like me hate it (the truth) = then you can write fast maintaining the quality of your content.

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