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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Blog Tools for 2012 Blogging

Have you ever asked yourself if there are best blog tools for better blogging, specially this year that you are more determined and excited for your blogging career? Honestly, there are too many tools around the corner of the web, but can we able to use them all? No, we cannot. We can only choose some, try some - and stick with the most effect ones, maybe a few, am sure those can help us move on and make a significant face with our blog posts and traffic!
Why we need some effective blogging tools?

Time is precious, the clock is ticking faster and it won't pause to wait for us - that is why we need to get faster, to hurry for valuable moves, like stuffing some good contents with our own social networks and blogs. How can we do that if we have a lot of things to do? We need some useful tools for better blogging and we can get them if we know how to find them and test there usefulness. Am a blogger for more than a year and I can share some based on my rich experiences, from scratch, from a total newbie. How did I stay in the blogosphere? I seek the help of these tools. They keep me on the go.
The tools that I rely on:
  • - it would be always on top. It just simply helped me build a blog without cash, 100% free. Read this post How to Begin Blogging - A Complete Tutorial Made Easy for Blogspot Blogger.
  • Google Search - why? I started from scratch, I do not know about coding and everything, I even do not know what is the purpose of blogging before, but I keep on searching, and Google had answer all my questions. It suggested me helpful sites that helped me build my blogging skills.
  • - upon asking Google some questions, upon continuously looking for guides to build my own blog, I stumbled upon MBT! This is a very helpful tech blog that helped me do my coding, my designs, my experiments about HTML!
  • - It is always good to know about little and few knowledge about tweaking and designing your blog template, and aside from MBT, this online school and tutorial helped me turn my myself into a web designer, I did coded my own template, from a free custom template completely tweaked and bring forth my idea and taste.
  • - Darren Rowse has equipped himself with the skills to help you write quality and great contents! Our blog is like a store, a mini-mart, a supermarket - we are actually marketing our ideas, words, and thoughts. In order to become a successful and problogger, we need to acquire necessary skills specially writing helpful, exciting, persuasive posts for our readers.
  • Subscriptions - almost all your favorite blogs have subscription tools. Do not ignore them, enter your email address and receive helpful contents from them everyday. Why? Because it can help you craft some new ideas for your blog post. A blogger actually blogs, you cannot just write once a month, you need fresh ideas and key points so that you can start writing some nice post!
  • Here I put Google Adwords Keyword Tool - this will help you find important and commonly used keywords for your post. This is the road map, if you write, you need to make it sure that your content is searchable for your readers. How they search Google? They used keywords. Acquaint yourself with the keyword tool.
Those are only few, there are too many tools around the corners of the web that you can use to make your blogging experience unforgettable. Enhance your skills, it's possible. Here I search for some helpful tools and we got some plenty suggestions. Check them out:

See you guys, and Happy Father's Day to all loving Fathers :)

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