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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Face Problems - Regain Your Logical Thinking

As I read you comments from my post Our Innate Power to Relieve Stress, I am really happy with your reactions. I knew it's effective. Whats good in it is that I have been so exhausted performing my job yet I able to see the way out to appreciate life.

While we are here breathing, we really got no choice but to face what lies ahead, or if we choose not to struggle yet idling will give us nothing. So to be fruitful, we should do the things that worth our time and find the escape to those hindrances and barriers along the way.

Sometimes, when we face problems, headache will be knocking our head hard... but in times that there would be no giving up, we should find the nearest station to unload the burden, to refresh ourselves to gain the sanity and the logical thinking we need in order to reach the finish line.

What usually happens is that we lost our logical thinking and behavior when inevitable hindrances will say hello and totally block our way. If the road is too narrow, and a deadly cliff is a few steps beside where we are standing with trembling knees, we cannot go back but continue walking. We need to regain our logical mind to continue.

What I telling you right now is do not let yourselves be defeated by trials, it would only happen when you give up! Never do that, never say you can't do it any longer! Get yourself organized once more... when you are surrounded with shuttered pieces of negativity, what you need to do is cleaned them out from your way.

Think logically, think smartly... we are humans and its innate within us. Make your move step by step this time, empty your minds with "if's". Go upstairs step by step, do not haste or you will fall down...

Make you moves simple but sure... then you will see a more productive output. We just need to keep on thinking, not for the negative things... if we do that we will loose our power to think logically. This is how to face problems, regain the power and start with mind full of alternatives!

(Hello SB Community its been a long time already that haven't talked to you, but right now, your interest in reading my insightful posts about life keep me going... in that light SB will remain to be the one when you first heard about it. Self Blooming and Simplified Blogging will be one! For now, you can check out an under construction blog that is more focus about blogging, social media and news here -♥- tellright-♥-)

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