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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Create Free Infographics for your Facebook Page in Few Clicks

Facebook Infographics
Guys, heard about infographics? Well, do you wish to make your own - but you don't know how, or you don't know what free tool to use? It's not a problem anymore.
Anyway, what are infographics?
According to InstantShift, infographics are visual representations of information that use the elements of design to display content.

Infographics can be easily comprehended, as this is a simplified representation of complex ideas usually represented in texts or long sentences. Images or graphics are combined to portray a direct and precise information for any given data.

Let's create your own infographics!

Sounds exciting? There are several free tools on the web to create your first infographics. A Do It Yourself!

But, I found one that is a total instant maker for our Facebook and All-Stars Twitter Infographics! You don't need to practice or learn how to design or drag objects, add information or whatsoever! It's instant, like pouring hot water in a cup of noodles!
Create Your Infographics at
Here's what they do for you?
  • Build an infographics for your Facebook Fan Page in minutes!
  • Create a custom monster from your Facebook Stats (your Facebook account)!
  • Make a twitter account showdown of your favorite stars or You and your friend's!

What to do?

  1. Select a story - a particular infographics!
  2. Connect your account, if it's Facebook infographics, allow app to access your Facebook account! That's it!
  3. Customize - Select from available themes!
Now that you have your beautiful infographics, share it to Facebook, twitter or pin it! After that, get ready to download your infographics or just embed it! Well, here is the example below of SB's Facebook Fan Page!

create infographics with

Want more infographic tools?

Browse for 9 Awesome Powerful Infographic Tools at InfographicsArchive

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