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Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: Don't Prolong the Agony

At work, or where ever, we encountered misunderstanding. People who do not know the worst effect of holding any pain, discomfort, distress or dislikes or even hatred will even find ways to prolong it. Instead of ending the trouble, they continue making actions to worsen the situation. What they do get anyway? Well, wrinkles and headaches. That's only a wrapper of the whole package brought by the situation. What's inside is the threat of your health!

When you found out that your neighbor or your colleague fight you at your back, or made some actions against you, of course, they deserve your confrontations, or if you can't manage and hold your temper, it will lead to an extended trouble. But what should you do in the end of the day? Are you going to bring the bitter feelings at home? No.

Leave the feeling at the place where it happened and let go of it. That's what I exactly learned today. Please do not prolong the agony, anger or bitterness inside you. Once you have released it, never let it bother you one more time. You better find some ways to solve it right away, talk to the person nicely perhaps. Sometimes light trouble would become heavy, open your mind and look at it at it's true weight and never waste your time on it.

It's stressful right? So find the solution to relieve yourself. I am doing it almost everyday! We are in the real world and such things are inevitable!

Tip: Listen, Speak and Keep Silent. If you have spoken your side, keep quite and let the situation back to normal again! Time will always heal.

Each day, our body and mind deserve some ways to reduce stress, always remember too much stress is dangerous to our health!

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