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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Find Most Popular Stories and Favorite Topics at Alltop


Googling. That’s the usual thing we do when we want to look for popular stories, or looking for hot blog topics of our interests.

Twoogling. I guess this would only happen when Google takes over Twitter (acquire), since many of us, including myself love tweet searching using hashtags. When the term twoogling created? Read Google Enter the Twitter Game.

Anyways, what else you do to find the hot stories of the day? Whether it’s about blogging, health, politics, etc? Well, to be honest, I don’t know what to do… I want to write new topics but it seemed what I have in mind may be to repetitive with my previous posts, so I search for fresh, hot or popular topics to “duplicate”… No, just kidding. Searching for topics to help write mine, that’s what I mean.

Alltopping. My Post editor lined this term read, so just added Alltopping to dictionary, same as Googling or Twoogling, you can easily find the most popular stories in a super clean interface – that’s Alltop!

Well … browse the homepage and see what’s hot! Or, find for the latest feeds by searching popular topics by keyword or interest – there you can find at the top! Or simply type it at the search bar!


What’s really awesome, you can select the latest, or popular topic in a clean sheet like this:

alltop1 After a couple of hours, trying to look for the most attractive title at the search results – I have found 1 or 2 blogs I read with interest, and I discovered new blogging ideas.

You know, sometimes, bloggers need to go out in the open! Sometimes, I don’t do that. When am to loaded with task, I just write, write and write. Well, it’s not bad, but, we must listen to the news. What others are craving to know? What others are saying? What’s going viral? Catch it up! Alltop can give you, in few clicks – all the top stories, from work to sports, from health to blogging!

See you.

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