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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Uses and Importance of the Blogger Upgraded Interface Every Blogger Must Know

What is constant in this word is change. What pushes change to happen is the hunger for the word ‘Better’.

Indeed, ‘Better’ pushed the hardworking Blogger Team to upgrade the Blogger Interface.

‘Better’ means users convenience; this April, as you can see it, Blogger has taken on a whole new look a lot better than its old Interface.

Why it is a lot better?

  1. The upgraded blogger loads faster.
  2. It provides us the shortcuts to most important blogging actions.
  3. Search Description has been added for better blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Understanding each point:

  1. The upgraded blogger loads faster.
  2. The new blogger interface is clean, light and less complex; no doubt it is built for a streamlined blogging experience. This time, we can navigate from one action to another without waiting; it is a lot faster than the old interface.
  3. It provides us the shortcuts to most important blogging actions.
  4. It is a streamlined blogging indeed! Go to your blogger dashboard and see what’s in there. You can see the list of your blogs with the most important shortcuts beside them.
    • The Orange Pencil – it will instantly take you to the new post editor.
    • The Gray Post List Icon – it will bring you to your specific blog’s published and drafted posts.
    • The Drop-Down Menu - just next to the Gray Post Icon List, it will give you the quick access to all other important features of Blogger.
    • The Reading List – enjoy catching up your followed blogs’ latest posts without the box! Scroll down and you will be taken to another level of reading experience without any hassle. Want more? View more!
    • It’s doesn’t end there, as I find this very useful as well:
    • The Vertical Navigation Menu – you can see it wherever you are at Blogger with the Post Editor ‘New Post’ at the top.
  5. Search Description has been added for better blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  6. Be a search engine optimizer of your own blog! As I told you, you are not just a writer this time, and it’s more rewarding.

    • Meta Tags – this is a description that will precisely describe what your blog is all about. According to Google Guru Matt Cutts, Google generates page titles and descriptions or what they called ‘snippets’ to help user’s find the best answer to their queries online.

    How can you enable search description?

    1. Go to setting >> Search Preferences – by default, search description is disabled, enable it by clicking ‘edit’ and choosing ‘yes’ and a text box just under it will open. See screenshot.
    2. Write your Meta description. Remember, it is a brief (150 characters max) and precise description of your blog and it will help you convince users that you can help them give the answers to their queries.
    3. Important: Once you enabled this, Meta description for posts will activate and you can easily write your post description using the Post Editor.

      How to write your Meta description?

      1. Open a word document.
      2. Prepare your chosen keywords, learn it here.
      3. Draft your description, brainstorm yourself several times and apply keywords within your description.
      4. Do not use keywords repeatedly to avoid keyword stuffing – it has bad effect.
      5. Remember it’s only 150 Characters Max, highlight your description and click ‘Words’ just at the bottom left of the word document next to ‘Page’a word count will pop-up!
    4. Finally, copy and paste it into the open text box for your search description and save changes! Now, you help users made their searches online easier! They don’t have to go to your page as they can read summaries just at the search results’ page.

    • Meta description for posts – after completing the simple task above, you can attract more readers into your blog posts by writing descriptive and convincing summary to each of your post using the dynamic post editor as it will be shown in search results once Google suggested one of them!
    • Note: Use the tips given for writing your blog Meta description.

Are you using a custom template?

If you are using the default templates provided by Blogger, you are NOT included in this task.
  1. Go to Template >> Edit HTML and insert this just below <head>
  2. <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'> <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/> </b:if>
  3. Save your template and your Search Description is completely enabled.

Points to Remember:

Learn to adapt, the new design maybe new, and confusing at first, but this whole new look just entails that the Blogger Team cares for us. They are constantly giving us a blogging platform that will give us an unforgettable blogging experience! You might be not knowledgeable with HTML and blog design, but you can always keep your blog neat, of quality using the WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get" features of Blogger, both its old and new!


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