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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Offering From the Heart - Fibonacci

I offer this humble poetry for all the people who heartily helped the victims of the Typhoon Sendong... and to take the Fibonacci Challenge (for the second time)!

Your help
Big or small
With love made so valuable
Offering your heart to feed the starving soul
We were raised and taught to help one another with intention so pure
All people that dwell in this earthy paradise have seen the fulfillment of life upon seeing their hearts engulfed with fervor
Helping might be meager but a treasure when human extended it with rapture
The one who stumble will be so grateful
Life has fulfill its goal
With your heart
Help someone

Everyday I am always trying to look for ways to incorporate 'life' into different forms of entries like short posts, short views, haiku, poems, Fibonacci and other short type of poetry to give us an inspiring blogging time after what our physical body felt and our naked eyes have seen and witnessed in the world around us.

Thank you to all of you who are always here, you inspired me and I am here to inspire you as well...

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