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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Light Subject

Today we are moving on... after telling you some sad reality, and the greatness of generosity, we are heading forward for our inspiration, yes, this is a kind of a light subject for this evening. Today is slightly bad because I feel so much pain on my back, so I got a massage after my work and for the time being I am ready to sit here and open SB and visit you. I will make sure that this day is an another worth reading part of my own story.

Anyway, I will simply ask you tonight... what inspired your to share your thoughts? what inspired your to click the 'new post', to write something and to publish it with excitement?

  • Are you unloading some bothersome thoughts?
  • Are you overwhelmed with insights worth sharing?
  • Or do you write something because you don't know what's really happening and you want to seek an answer along the way?
  • Or do you just scribble because you don't know what to write at all?

All these queries will lead us to one common answer, and that is learning along the process, that is what the skillful and the amateur share in common. I might left you hanging tonight, but I just want to tell you that if you do not have something in mind, squeezing your head for a post, just simply sit down and write your thoughts, you will learn something, you got your head, your heart and your keyboard. That's what I am exactly doing now.

We are bloggers here, we write or we are not bloggers at all...

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