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Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Can You Make Your Cents to Thousand Dollars? - An SB Update!

I would like to say hi to my silent readers out there, so now I am going to break my silence. This is just one of the major updates for SB. I would like to tell you that the competition is still around the corners of this blog. I haven't posted for so long due to my busy schedule at work and at school since am trying to finish my bachelor degree for accountancy... yet, I am still here, and will tell you some important updates and changes that will gonna take place gradually.
Blogging Tips and Money Making Guides in One!
That's the brand new slogan or "tagline"... I think that blogging and money making are not really far from each other. Most of the times, people blog to make money, so blogging tips and money making guides are closely intertwined.

Blogging Tips - I don't want to stop learning. I have done that couple of months before and I see that I find it hard to do some tweaking I usually do before. So, I won't let my experience for one and half years turn to nothing, in order to keep it, I will give you some of the best blogging tips that I have tried myself.

Money Making Guides - I am not a geek or expert about making instant cash online... but I know some extra money making scheme online that will gonna work if you are just patient enough. I don't believe to "overnight success stories", but I believe that anyone can make money online if he started it right with the right program!
To start with, I want to introduce to you the "Innovation for PTC or Paid to Click Service". It's NeoBux and you can read my written guide and tips here - How to Increase NeoBux Earnings Fast + $1.00 Referral Bonus!
Give More Value to Cents - $.001, $0.005!!!
I approached some of my friends or classmates, and I invited them to join NeoBux. What's their reaction or response, well, they asked me how much they can earn from it. Well, I told them the truth that they can get some cents for clicking ads and performing tasks for cash, or simply viewing the AdPrize! However, they want some bigger sum, and I told them they have missed the important point!

Have you ever wonder where your $1,000.00 came from? Well, it's from the very cent. You cannot just ignore $.001, because it will grow to thousands! The only way to make that happen is the program that will help you visualize and realize your goal in a timely manner!

If you are confuse, doubtful, skeptical about it, don't worry because I want to help you figure it out. At NeoBux, you are allowed to have direct referrals or rented ones to boast your earnings. That's the way to go.

How to make "real" money with NeoBux? Not extra money, it's real money for a better living and it's through the referral program! Your referrals will make your $0.001 into thousands of dollars!

So today, do not look for $500+ overnight, or $1000 an hour, because it's not true! Be patient and try out the real program that will take you to your dreams. Caution, do not put your eggs in one basket, but I told you this one of the few ways you can make money online... that will gonna pay you!
Can you just join NeoBux and wait for your main balance to grow and then rent?
No. I strongly encourage you to add your NeoBux fund at least $30.00, I have said that on my previous post and I want to emphasize it now. Even you do not pay for an upgrade, you can still start making money through the help of your referrals.

It's hard to find direct referrals, specially that most PTC members have joined NeoBux already, however they are still millions of internet users who might be interested in this program, that's why I have written this topic. Aside from that, I cannot wait for my main balance to grow so that I can start renting 3 to 10 referrals. I need to invest a little amount of money to boast my main balance!

NeoBux is my business, so I need to add fund! Consider that idea, and you'll see it's working!
Update: as of 9/29/12, I already have $4.540 in my main balance! Registration date: 9/1/12
If you are patient, you won't say "Wow, you have written a post and promote your $4.540, how ridiculous!" It's not, in fact, I want to rent more to earn more!

Join NeoBux Now and Get $1.00 Referral Bonus!

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