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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Begin Blogging - A Complete Tutorial Made Easy for Blogspot Blogger

Where do you hear the term blog and blogger? What comes in your mind when you heard the word blogging?
At this far, I assume that you have already made some initial searches about the terms blog, blogger and blogging. Before I would state a quick review of these 3 important words, I am happy that our team finally came to a point of identifying our readers; this is a fresh start for us to actually change our whole subject and gave you the best we can offer to our selected readers, you, blog beginners. From now, topics will be carefully chosen to help and guide you on how to begin blogging using Blogger, the best free blogging platform available for you. Our tutorials will revolve around the subjects Blogging with Blogspot. So get ready guys.

Quick Review:

What is a blog?
Well, let’s make it really simple for you. It’s from the term web log - shorten – now we can easily read it as blog. It’s a personal journal, meaning, you have written something and you published it on the web. It’s called post, and once you have published several posts about a subject you love writing about, it will be arranged in a reverse chronological order, so the most recent post will come first. All these, it’s called blogging.

You can always use several networking sites in sharing your ideas, but if you want something special, if you want something you can call your own, if you want to take control of all your ideas, then you will going to step up and do your first blog. You know, there’s a lot more in blogging and you will know it soon!

Who is the blogger and what is Blogger?
Blogger as a person: The blogger is you. Once you started your journal and pick up the platform in publishing your ideas on the web, then you became the blogger. A blog won’t exist without the blogger.

Blogger as a platform: You have written your journal and you need an easy and useful platform in publishing it. You need Blogger. When you look for the best free blogging platform to publish your journal, then it’s always be Blogger. Blogger will host your content and it’s always free.

In other words, Blogger is called the medium of sharing your valuable ideas.

Let’s get started:

Does it sound biased for me to only tell you that is the best blogging platform? No, it’s not. I am a blogger for more than a year now, and if you are looking for a 100% how to blog free platform in the web, then it is Blogger and Blogspot.

As beginners, you don’t have to get confused; you will love doing this thing if everything comes handy. First thing first, select which platform you will use… now, it’s blogger.

Why blogger?
It’s easy, the blogger interface is friendly. When you bought your phone? What’s the most important thing you considered aside in its durability, its friendliness right? When you use blogger, I am sure you won’t get lost.

It’s free. Perhaps it is not the only thing that is free, but it’s free forever. Along the way you will understand exactly what I mean about it.

Are you ready to set up a blog in blogger?

I am excited. It’s too easy, promise. Here is the step by step process to create your very own blog at! Please be guided by screen shots below:
  1. Go to
  2. You have 2 options, if you have your existing Google Account already, sign-in to access Blogger or create your first Google Account.
  3. OR
  4. Sign-up for Blogger. Simply fill up the name you want to appear in your blog posts, e.g. The Pet Lover or your name. Choose Gender and Check ‘I accept the Terms of Service.’
  5. Name your Blog. You have 2 important things to do: Brainstorm yourself about a good and appealing title for your blog; and your Blog address (URL).
    • Blog Title
    • – It should be carefully chosen, at first look, it will give your readers the idea of what is your blog all about. First impression last, so give them a good one.
    • Blog Address (Your Blog URL)
    • – It can be your blog title. Your Blog Address should give your readers the idea about your blog just like your blog title. If your title is not too long then you can use it, or you can use the most important words within your blog title.
    • Example of a Blog Title:
    • My Favorite Pet
    • Example of a Blog Address:
    • Remember, you can only use your desired blog address once it’s available. And most importantly, you cannot change your blog address once you are done with the set up of your Blogspot blog. Later on you will discover that you have the option to change your blog address, but it’s really not recommended (We will talk more about this on the next tutorial).
      So, the best thing to do, give yourself enough time thinking about the best blog address your blog should have.
    • It should best describe your blog
    • It should be readable and easy to remember
    • It should not be too long

    What is

    It’s the domain name provided by Blogger. It will be part of your blog address, e.g. and it will be always free, and your blog address will be a subdomain of (We will talk more about this on the next tutorial).
  6. Choose a Starter Template – “You can change your template later, and even customize it with the template designer” – Blogger.
  7. Note: Blogger Team recently made changes and updates to blogger, they provide bloggers the Dynamic Views, but I recommend you to choose the simple template first. We will do some experiment later like customizing your blog design the way you like it.
  8. Your Blog Has Been Created! Now you are ready to share your first journal.
  9. Have you written it already or do you want to directly write it on Blogger? Your first post will be so special, isn’t it? I will give you the simplest tips to do while writing your post. Read 5 Steps on How to Begin Writing Quality Post for Blogspot Blog!

    The screenshot below highlights the important parts of writing your post.

    1. Post Title – If you have an interesting idea in mind, give title to it first. It will become your overall guide in writing your paragraphs. Your title should be appealing, readable and specific.
    2. Post Body – Use your own style in writing. Be you. Share your most interesting idea, go deep down. Share your expertise and convinced your first few readers.
      Note: Always check your grammar and spelling, as much as you can, publish your post free of typos.

      In addition, it’s not all texts alone, as you can include photos, links and videos in your post… (Experiment..! you can do more in the portion highlighted in blue, see screenshot.)
    3. Labels. Labels are important part of your blog. Labels are like folders you have at work. You classify each of your documents, you grouped together similar and related ones. Always separate labels with commas.
      While your blog title is specific, your labels are general ideas.

      How many labels each post should have? You can provide one or two; you can see the function of labels once you have published several posts already.
    4. Preview. Remember the word best! Do your best every time you write your post, always preview your work before publishing it; use it until everything looks good.
    5. Publish Post. Are you satisfied the way it is presented? You can publish it right away and tell your friends you got one!

Who are your first readers?

Your first few readers can be your family members, friends, and colleagues, but aside from them we will identify who will be your loyal readers in the long run.

In marketing, your products must be targeted to a specific market and so as blogging. You blog because you have expertise worth sharing, the question is, who will be interested in your ideas? Provided millions or even billions of people are online everyday and searching for information, how can you identify your readers?

Don’t worry, I will help you.

You are marketing your ideas now. What are your ideas shared on your blog? In our example, your blog is about your favorite pet so you can share valuable ideas and tips about the subject to people who love pets, but this target is still broader. What is your favorite pet? It might be dogs! So your specific readers are dog lovers.
What can you do? Share valuable tips. Give them the answers to their queries.

Personal experienced:

Honestly I failed to target our readers here at SB. It is true that experience is our best teacher. I shared this because this stage of blogging is really important for you. I failed to stay on focus, that’s the thing I want to change. If I did better last time, this time it’s my best! And you, blog beginners are my target, I want to help you.


Blog is a published journal of your expertise and it is shared to your targeted readers to help them find the answer to their queries. In order to start your blog, you need to decide what blogging platform you need, and is the best free blogging platform available for you, it would be your medium in sharing your skills.


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