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Friday, April 27, 2012

What’s New - 5GB Free for File Storage and Sharing at Google Drive!

Hello there, this is really a super big news!

And I can't help myself but share this to you. And this time of the year, since Google + was officially launched, I am always looking forward for a new useful services that Google will offer to all of its users! And here we go, sooner or later we will have our Google Drive Account! Like Google +, the Drive has been released to few for testing purposes for sure--but it's coming! So, let yourself be notified by email now as soon as it's live!

A must see video!

Google Drive will be the perfect replacement for our USB, CD's, etc. What's good, it's owned by Google... nothing to worry about!
Each one of us who have Google Account will owned 5GB free of the Google Drive!
Whatever programs we are using, whether it's Word and Excel Documents, Powerpoint Presentations, Videos, Photos -- well, they assured that everything is sharable! What's the use of carrying a USB?

Let me enumerate some good reasons why I am super excited with the launching of the Google Drive!

  • Saved my files of any kind to the Drive.
  • Access my files from wherever I am (With internet connection, of course!).
  • Easy file sharing to anyone I know! Email won't let me attached bigger files :(
  • My friends can edit files together if necessary just in one place--the Google Drive!

So, what Google says? - [With] Google Drive, keep everything, share anything.

You can take more looks at the fresh Google Drive at engadget!
Image is a screenshot from Google Drive edited at Creative Kit :)

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