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Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Blogging Tips for Inspired Bloggers

This post is a special contribution of livingsenior.
...go with your gut and take the first thing that pops into your mind.
While you’re thinking of what to write for your own blog post, pause a minute here to check out what others are saying about blog writing. There are a zillion tips and tricks – many of which would be helpful… if only you had the time to read them.

One thing that comes up time and again is the importance of writing fast. Face it, some people are agonizingly slow writers. They write down a thought and then reread it, rewrite it and delete it before they start the process all over again. Nothing is good enough. There’s nothing bad about being conscientious, but in blog writing, time is of the essence. This isn’t War and Peace. Your readers want advice, commentary and humor – not perfection.
So you pick up the pace. Then what? Well, it’s a great idea to get your thoughts on paper faster, but as every writer (and editor) knows, the writing still needs to be readable. Blogs are, by definition, a casual form of writing. That’s fine. It’s okay to abandon AP style. It’s even okay to start a sentence with an “and” or a “but.” But…you can’t misspell things or have long run-on, unreadable sentences that lose your readers after the first 10 words. So once you (quickly) get your thoughts down on paper, take a minute or two to read it over – and clean it up. Don’t be tempted to rewrite everything. Use the advice of teachers everywhere: go with your gut and take the first thing that pops into your mind. In blog writing, the same is true. Don’t rewrite what makes the writing yours.
Try using bullets to make your points.
  • Bullets attract the eye and set your thoughts apart.
  • It’s easy for readers to scan things that are in a paragraph set apart by bullets.
  • Bullets make it easy to find something you want to reread again later.
Every writer has their own style – that’s part of being a writer – but you also need to know your audience. If you’re writing for geeks, use tech-y terms (as long as you understand them). If you’re writing for business professionals, you’ll want to use a more serious tone.

Stay true to yourself. You started your blog because it meant something to you. Don’t let others pressure you to change your point of view. Mention both sides, yes. But cave? No. On the other hand, don’t present that point of view in a condescending, rude or patronizing tone. And if you printed incorrect information – or found other facts that cause you to change your mind -- well then, by all means say so. And say why. Readers won’t always agree with you, but you’ll want them to respect you. Write on.

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