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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No to Anger, Yes to Laughter

Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on. ~Bob Newhart

Why and Why? Do you want to know why? I was writing with ease last night, that question came to me all in a sudden, and I let it flow in lines. The thought is simply abundant if you do not worry that much. Yes, when I tried to be just me, talking to my friends, chatting and laughing with them - there will be no squeezing at all... I won't be trapped in a difficult puzzle! Well, I am repeating the same thing again tonight.

Some said, they care to know, some said they agree when I tried to conclude here that content is not the king.

Well, for your information, if you are like me, employed, you will actually experience the same thing I experienced yesterday, and worst today. I got it now, it's because we are in the midst of diversity. Workers in the same departments have different opinions... what I don't understand is, why some took it personally? It's work, we put value to it because that's what pays our bills and everything, but it's not the life of us. We must put some thick wall from work and our personal life, am I right or not?

Well, this one involved my life for a humble request of mine that is purely work-related... would you not burst if you were in my pair of old shoes?

~Laugh Out Loud~ We are not supposed to burst in anger, we shall burst with laughter, that's what I did when I decided to went home after lunch, I took some break. And I tell you, it helped a lot guys.

Well now, so much for that drama, ha-ha-ha, see, I also did grin! Tonight, if you do not care to read the first part then you have the choice to read this part, but unfortunately, this far I know you read it already. I really mean not the tell you that you got choices!

Content is not the King! What is the King? Why some expert say it's the King, and why some concluded it's not?

Well, I got you an excerpt here:

"I definitely agree with you about content not being everything~ that will only get you so far in the blogging world. The dynamic *force* must be YOU ~ heart and the and personality behind the words!!! That is what keeps this reader coming back for more!"
~ Princess Fiona aka Professor of Poetry

When you and I read, we are actually feeling, if we feel nothing, then what we read is completely written in the absence of heart... does it still worth reading?

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