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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Mother Has Love as Deep as the Deepest Ocean

I have been talking about writing quality post for several times, this one is an actual application. How far I have gone with the lessons I personally wrote? And, this not just about writing quality posts, this is about a tribute to all mothers, my second piece.
Mothers' Day
Who can dive deep down into the lowest point of the world? There's none I guess, not unless with the use of a modern technology. What I want to express here is the 'measurement' thing. As May 13 is just a day ahead, I want to ask you about how deep your Mother's love for you? For sure, no measuring device can calculate how deep it is. If technology can do things beyond our imagination, mother's affection is untouchable with its evolution!

Mother's love remains infinite. It's deepest among the deep points in the ocean. Our mother has the abundance which has been inherited into us without scarcity. That's make us rich. If you feel loved everyday, there is no reason to say we are less privileged. The love of our mother gives us the energy, more than fortune can offer.

Are you delighted upon having your dream house at last, would you be touched if you know that your mother knelled every night before the altar for you to succeed? How about realizing that you only think about your happiness that moment of your life? It is sad, but it's the truth, many times, we jumped with joy in exchange of our mother's suffering. May 13 is about waking up. Open your heart and check how wide your mother's part in there. Shrinking? I have opened mine, and I did some demolition. It's about giving her a much wider space in my heart, so that I can feel the abundance within me.

The true happiness is the feeling of being love. Who can love you as much as your mother can? Definitely, God shower the abundance of it to our mother's heart. It is like the water of all the oceans, it won't dry. The tenderness, the affection, the unconditional love, the understanding or the suffering—well, who does have them all except her?

How about to those who abandoned their children? To those who hurt them? Would it ruined the celebration of Mothers' Day? It surely won't. This would be the perfect time I tell you what I believed, and I would stand strong with my conviction, mothers are not necessarily be the one to carry you at their wombs. That won't certify them as one. All mothers should have tender love and care.

To my Mama, I love you so much. You are the best person that I have right now. If life is tougher than before, there is no reason that I will be sad, because I know that you love me even I am far from you. I should welcome each day with a genuine smile, because you have passed into me the abundance of your love, this makes me special everyday. My love is yours, and it is unconditional as yours.

Are you away like me? Give them a call right now, don't miss the chance.

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