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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Uses and Importance of the Blogger Upgraded Interface Every Blogger Must Know

What is constant in this word is change. What pushes change to happen is the hunger for the word ‘Better’.

Indeed, ‘Better’ pushed the hardworking Blogger Team to upgrade the Blogger Interface.

‘Better’ means users convenience; this April, as you can see it, Blogger has taken on a whole new look a lot better than its old Interface.

Why it is a lot better?

  1. The upgraded blogger loads faster.
  2. It provides us the shortcuts to most important blogging actions.
  3. Search Description has been added for better blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Understanding each point:

  1. The upgraded blogger loads faster.
  2. The new blogger interface is clean, light and less complex; no doubt it is built for a streamlined blogging experience. This time, we can navigate from one action to another without waiting; it is a lot faster than the old interface.
  3. It provides us the shortcuts to most important blogging actions.
  4. It is a streamlined blogging indeed! Go to your blogger dashboard and see what’s in there. You can see the list of your blogs with the most important shortcuts beside them.
    • The Orange Pencil – it will instantly take you to the new post editor.
    • The Gray Post List Icon – it will bring you to your specific blog’s published and drafted posts.
    • The Drop-Down Menu - just next to the Gray Post Icon List, it will give you the quick access to all other important features of Blogger.
    • The Reading List – enjoy catching up your followed blogs’ latest posts without the box! Scroll down and you will be taken to another level of reading experience without any hassle. Want more? View more!
    • It’s doesn’t end there, as I find this very useful as well:
    • The Vertical Navigation Menu – you can see it wherever you are at Blogger with the Post Editor ‘New Post’ at the top.
  5. Search Description has been added for better blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  6. Be a search engine optimizer of your own blog! As I told you, you are not just a writer this time, and it’s more rewarding.

    • Meta Tags – this is a description that will precisely describe what your blog is all about. According to Google Guru Matt Cutts, Google generates page titles and descriptions or what they called ‘snippets’ to help user’s find the best answer to their queries online.

    How can you enable search description?

    1. Go to setting >> Search Preferences – by default, search description is disabled, enable it by clicking ‘edit’ and choosing ‘yes’ and a text box just under it will open. See screenshot.
    2. Write your Meta description. Remember, it is a brief (150 characters max) and precise description of your blog and it will help you convince users that you can help them give the answers to their queries.
    3. Important: Once you enabled this, Meta description for posts will activate and you can easily write your post description using the Post Editor.

      How to write your Meta description?

      1. Open a word document.
      2. Prepare your chosen keywords, learn it here.
      3. Draft your description, brainstorm yourself several times and apply keywords within your description.
      4. Do not use keywords repeatedly to avoid keyword stuffing – it has bad effect.
      5. Remember it’s only 150 Characters Max, highlight your description and click ‘Words’ just at the bottom left of the word document next to ‘Page’a word count will pop-up!
    4. Finally, copy and paste it into the open text box for your search description and save changes! Now, you help users made their searches online easier! They don’t have to go to your page as they can read summaries just at the search results’ page.

    • Meta description for posts – after completing the simple task above, you can attract more readers into your blog posts by writing descriptive and convincing summary to each of your post using the dynamic post editor as it will be shown in search results once Google suggested one of them!
    • Note: Use the tips given for writing your blog Meta description.

Are you using a custom template?

If you are using the default templates provided by Blogger, you are NOT included in this task.
  1. Go to Template >> Edit HTML and insert this just below <head>
  2. <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'> <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/> </b:if>
  3. Save your template and your Search Description is completely enabled.

Points to Remember:

Learn to adapt, the new design maybe new, and confusing at first, but this whole new look just entails that the Blogger Team cares for us. They are constantly giving us a blogging platform that will give us an unforgettable blogging experience! You might be not knowledgeable with HTML and blog design, but you can always keep your blog neat, of quality using the WYSIWYG "What you see is what you get" features of Blogger, both its old and new!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Steps on How to Begin Writing Quality Post for Blogspot Blog

Recently I have highlighted 5 important parts of writing a quality post in your Blogspot Blogs (Read it here!), today we will tackle the subject a little more for better understanding.

Your blog is the place where you published your knowledge about a particular subject you are expert with. Your great and informative content will give your blog readership and support.

How will you do that exactly?

  1. Write about topics you are knowledgeable about.
  2. Write search-friendly topics.
    • Introduction to Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  3. Do not publish duplicate contents from other sources, plagiarism is strictly not allowed.
  4. Be creative and resourceful.
  5. Build up your writing method:
    • Brainstorming
    • Drafting
    • Editing and Proofreading
    And Learn the 'common mistake' in writing and publishing your blog post!

Let’s understand each point better:

  1. Write about topics you are knowledgeable about.
  2. Each one of us is unique; we have our own skills and abilities, and some people out there might need them. In order to reach out, you need to turn your expertise into writing so it will be available in the blogosphere.
  3. Write search-friendly topics. This portion might be new to you, but let’s make it really simple.
  4. The key to a search-friendly post are:
    • A) Write a descriptive, precise or specific title.
    • B) Do not burry your ideas and incorporate keywords within your post content.

    A) Write a descriptive, precise or specific title.
    There are hundreds of millions searches that occur on Google every day. They are specific words or key phrases people used in searching information on the internet and research shows that people are becoming more specific in their searches so you need to match key phrases with your post title.

    How would you know your post title match the specific phrases people used in their queries online?

    These specific words or key phrases are called keywords, and Google Adwords Keyword Tool can better help you in matching your post title to people search queries. Always consult the keyword tool and make it a habit.

    Introduction to Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

    Every Blogger should take the challenge of the stiff competition amongst blogs in the blogosphere; the key to a successful blogging is dedication and hard work. If you take the challenge, you should open your mind that you are not just a writer. Are you ready?

    Note: Google Adwords Keyword Tool might be confusing, but one important objectives of this post is to befriend this useful tool in keyword research for SEO.

    According to Google, SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer.

    As a blogger, your task is not writing alone, you can be a search engine optimizer! As early as stage 1 of blogging, you need to learn using the keyword tool so that little by little you will push your blog to search results.

    Remember, the use of this tool is called keyword research.

    Let’s get started:

    1. Copy and paste this to your browser address bar:
    2. Sign in. All other Google services can be accessed using your Google Account.
    3. Check the boxes as shown below:
    4. Start your keyword research and just enjoy it.

    Why you need to check ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’ and ‘[Exact]’?

    • By default, the first option is unchecked and it will give you big counts of key phrases, and they are NOT all related to your search terms. Make your task easier by filtering only related terms.
    • By default, the second option highlighted is set to Broad, and it will give you broad results of related terms, so in order to make your task simpler, filter only the exact terms by checking [Exact].

    Why you need to star chosen keywords?

    Starred keywords are saved keywords. While conducting your keyword research, you can always view your chosen ones. If you have starred several keywords for your post, you can download them for your next step. Choose ‘CSV for excel’ and they will be saved in a spreadsheet or excel file.

    Bear in mind:

    The proper use of keywords is really helpful so that search engines can suggest your blog post to people search queries. The best example is the Bluetooth of your phone, even it is turn on, but once your setting is not set up to ‘Make device discoverable’, your device wouldn’t be scanned by your friend’s Bluetooth.

    B) Do not burry your ideas and incorporate keywords within your post content.
    • If you have lot to say, do not burry the most important points of your topic deep within your paragraphs. You can list them down in the beginning, explanations come next.
    • From your keyword research, filter the right keywords and use just few, or a reasonable number to your content, do not overuse keywords because your content might sounds like a spam to search engines.

    Points to Remember:

    • Match your post title with the specific keywords, but learn more about it. It doesn't mean that your post title is only those keywords, at least it match the important key terms of your post title.
    • You can also use keywords within your post, but limit the number. And your post content must cover your title fully! Do not deceive your readers by writing attractive post title without great content!
  5. Do not publish duplicate contents from other sources, plagiarism is strictly not allowed.
    • Always bear in mind that the purpose of starting your blog is to share something you know. Your goal is to produce great contents to your readers.
    • Is it exciting that at the end of the day you are able to help people because you are at your best in giving them the same thing they are looking for?
    • Your topic might be the same or related with several hundred already available online, your biggest challenge is to give them more, and you cannot achieve that if you only copy or paraphrase ideas from other sources.

    Remember, plagiarism is a crime and you do not want to commit one. It’s Stealing.

    How can you use ideas that are not yours?

    Acknowledged the authors, give proper citation. You can cite by inserting links to their sites at the end of your blog post. But you cannot used their whole idea as your main post as well, pick one and strengthen yours by using it as short excerpt or quote.
  6. Be creative and resourceful.
    • “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Aid your post with pictures. You can also embed videos from YouTube. Use the post editor to make your post alive!
    • Original photos – that’s recommended. You can upload your photos to spice up your post.
    • What if you don’t have photos? You can use free to use photos from several sources, I recommend, always provide link back to the contributors’ page. Simply download the pictures and rename and upload it to your post.
  7. Build up your writing method: brainstorming, drafting, editing and proofreading.
  8. Writing is a process. There might be brilliant ideas in your head now, but you find it hard to turn your great ideas into a great post.

    What to do?

    1. Brainstorm yourself – What do you want to share to your readers? List down key points.
    2. Draft your ideas- Write your post using your key points. Make your first paragraph, proceed to the next and finish writing your entire post.
    3. Editing and proofreading- Edit your grammars and spellings. Delete unnecessary words and sentences. Add information if it’s needed.

Common mistake:

Do not publish your post in its draft stage! That’s a common mistake, especially if you write directly at Blogger.

You think it is okay but it’s not! To avoid that, draft and edit your post using a word document. Give your readers a good impression to your blog; a good idea might be not too good with grammar and spelling errors.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Begin Blogging - A Complete Tutorial Made Easy for Blogspot Blogger

Where do you hear the term blog and blogger? What comes in your mind when you heard the word blogging?
At this far, I assume that you have already made some initial searches about the terms blog, blogger and blogging. Before I would state a quick review of these 3 important words, I am happy that our team finally came to a point of identifying our readers; this is a fresh start for us to actually change our whole subject and gave you the best we can offer to our selected readers, you, blog beginners. From now, topics will be carefully chosen to help and guide you on how to begin blogging using Blogger, the best free blogging platform available for you. Our tutorials will revolve around the subjects Blogging with Blogspot. So get ready guys.

Quick Review:

What is a blog?
Well, let’s make it really simple for you. It’s from the term web log - shorten – now we can easily read it as blog. It’s a personal journal, meaning, you have written something and you published it on the web. It’s called post, and once you have published several posts about a subject you love writing about, it will be arranged in a reverse chronological order, so the most recent post will come first. All these, it’s called blogging.

You can always use several networking sites in sharing your ideas, but if you want something special, if you want something you can call your own, if you want to take control of all your ideas, then you will going to step up and do your first blog. You know, there’s a lot more in blogging and you will know it soon!

Who is the blogger and what is Blogger?
Blogger as a person: The blogger is you. Once you started your journal and pick up the platform in publishing your ideas on the web, then you became the blogger. A blog won’t exist without the blogger.

Blogger as a platform: You have written your journal and you need an easy and useful platform in publishing it. You need Blogger. When you look for the best free blogging platform to publish your journal, then it’s always be Blogger. Blogger will host your content and it’s always free.

In other words, Blogger is called the medium of sharing your valuable ideas.

Let’s get started:

Does it sound biased for me to only tell you that is the best blogging platform? No, it’s not. I am a blogger for more than a year now, and if you are looking for a 100% how to blog free platform in the web, then it is Blogger and Blogspot.

As beginners, you don’t have to get confused; you will love doing this thing if everything comes handy. First thing first, select which platform you will use… now, it’s blogger.

Why blogger?
It’s easy, the blogger interface is friendly. When you bought your phone? What’s the most important thing you considered aside in its durability, its friendliness right? When you use blogger, I am sure you won’t get lost.

It’s free. Perhaps it is not the only thing that is free, but it’s free forever. Along the way you will understand exactly what I mean about it.

Are you ready to set up a blog in blogger?

I am excited. It’s too easy, promise. Here is the step by step process to create your very own blog at! Please be guided by screen shots below:
  1. Go to
  2. You have 2 options, if you have your existing Google Account already, sign-in to access Blogger or create your first Google Account.
  3. OR
  4. Sign-up for Blogger. Simply fill up the name you want to appear in your blog posts, e.g. The Pet Lover or your name. Choose Gender and Check ‘I accept the Terms of Service.’
  5. Name your Blog. You have 2 important things to do: Brainstorm yourself about a good and appealing title for your blog; and your Blog address (URL).
    • Blog Title
    • – It should be carefully chosen, at first look, it will give your readers the idea of what is your blog all about. First impression last, so give them a good one.
    • Blog Address (Your Blog URL)
    • – It can be your blog title. Your Blog Address should give your readers the idea about your blog just like your blog title. If your title is not too long then you can use it, or you can use the most important words within your blog title.
    • Example of a Blog Title:
    • My Favorite Pet
    • Example of a Blog Address:
    • Remember, you can only use your desired blog address once it’s available. And most importantly, you cannot change your blog address once you are done with the set up of your Blogspot blog. Later on you will discover that you have the option to change your blog address, but it’s really not recommended (We will talk more about this on the next tutorial).
      So, the best thing to do, give yourself enough time thinking about the best blog address your blog should have.
    • It should best describe your blog
    • It should be readable and easy to remember
    • It should not be too long

    What is

    It’s the domain name provided by Blogger. It will be part of your blog address, e.g. and it will be always free, and your blog address will be a subdomain of (We will talk more about this on the next tutorial).
  6. Choose a Starter Template – “You can change your template later, and even customize it with the template designer” – Blogger.
  7. Note: Blogger Team recently made changes and updates to blogger, they provide bloggers the Dynamic Views, but I recommend you to choose the simple template first. We will do some experiment later like customizing your blog design the way you like it.
  8. Your Blog Has Been Created! Now you are ready to share your first journal.
  9. Have you written it already or do you want to directly write it on Blogger? Your first post will be so special, isn’t it? I will give you the simplest tips to do while writing your post. Read 5 Steps on How to Begin Writing Quality Post for Blogspot Blog!

    The screenshot below highlights the important parts of writing your post.

    1. Post Title – If you have an interesting idea in mind, give title to it first. It will become your overall guide in writing your paragraphs. Your title should be appealing, readable and specific.
    2. Post Body – Use your own style in writing. Be you. Share your most interesting idea, go deep down. Share your expertise and convinced your first few readers.
      Note: Always check your grammar and spelling, as much as you can, publish your post free of typos.

      In addition, it’s not all texts alone, as you can include photos, links and videos in your post… (Experiment..! you can do more in the portion highlighted in blue, see screenshot.)
    3. Labels. Labels are important part of your blog. Labels are like folders you have at work. You classify each of your documents, you grouped together similar and related ones. Always separate labels with commas.
      While your blog title is specific, your labels are general ideas.

      How many labels each post should have? You can provide one or two; you can see the function of labels once you have published several posts already.
    4. Preview. Remember the word best! Do your best every time you write your post, always preview your work before publishing it; use it until everything looks good.
    5. Publish Post. Are you satisfied the way it is presented? You can publish it right away and tell your friends you got one!

Who are your first readers?

Your first few readers can be your family members, friends, and colleagues, but aside from them we will identify who will be your loyal readers in the long run.

In marketing, your products must be targeted to a specific market and so as blogging. You blog because you have expertise worth sharing, the question is, who will be interested in your ideas? Provided millions or even billions of people are online everyday and searching for information, how can you identify your readers?

Don’t worry, I will help you.

You are marketing your ideas now. What are your ideas shared on your blog? In our example, your blog is about your favorite pet so you can share valuable ideas and tips about the subject to people who love pets, but this target is still broader. What is your favorite pet? It might be dogs! So your specific readers are dog lovers.
What can you do? Share valuable tips. Give them the answers to their queries.

Personal experienced:

Honestly I failed to target our readers here at SB. It is true that experience is our best teacher. I shared this because this stage of blogging is really important for you. I failed to stay on focus, that’s the thing I want to change. If I did better last time, this time it’s my best! And you, blog beginners are my target, I want to help you.


Blog is a published journal of your expertise and it is shared to your targeted readers to help them find the answer to their queries. In order to start your blog, you need to decide what blogging platform you need, and is the best free blogging platform available for you, it would be your medium in sharing your skills.


  • Blogger Screenshots are properties of Google, Inc.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Reduce Stress - 3 Stress Relief Quotes for You

Before talking about the way to reduce stress when we have financial crisis, let me share to you some stress relief quotes:

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. ~Lily Tomlin

"When reading, only read. When eating, only eat. When thinking, only think." - Korean Zen master Seung Sahn (Article of Toni Bernhard, J.D., Psychology Today) It's performing less, one task at a time. When you read, eat and think at the same time, you multitask. When you are blank, when you do not know what to do, pause for a moment, pick the most important task, if you are hungry for the moment, eat and forget other things. (Am doing this, everyday, trying, at least.)

Image Source Here

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~Terri Guillemets

Can you? Is that possible? Yes it is. Sit straight, breast out, close your eyes, take several deep breath... think about nothing with a smile on your face, just do that... just let your mind fly, free. You are not caged now... you'll be alright... everything will be!

Image Source Here

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. ~William James

Of course, when I will try to accommodate all the thoughts right this time, I am just like playing in the boxing ring unprepared, I will be knocked out in the very first round. I would be hurt, mentally, domino effect, yes, absolutely. Why not tackle things one by one, is it not good to make a process for yourself? An organize one? I believe we deserve it.

Image Source Here

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Acceptance - A Way to Reduce Stress

Guys I got one hour to let go and recharge... come on...

Well guys, it's been a long time. And I am just here now, in a net cafe, yes, this is my working hour but I have to get out to produce some copies of my report, so I got an hour to standby and think of something better. Just waiting for the lady to tell me it's my turn, it's first come first serve rule. So here I am trying to find something that can relieve me from becoming stress again today, I cannot avoid to load my mind with so many things, about my personal life, about my family, about my sister who is sick at the moment, well, that's because I am human. If you have same case with mine, then do not worry that much, we are just human after all, we have feelings.

Today, I got one hour to look for something for myself and for you too. Do not worry, I am not selfish sharing you the things that can help us reduce and relieve our body and mind from being exhausted and stress out. I have shared you several ways already, but I would always disclaim, I am not the expert guys, if you are reading this today, that's because you want to hear the statement of the person who is in the state of stress, and is trying to get out himself from the situation.

Another effective way to cope with stress and get away from it is a simple acceptance. Often times we worry about tomorrow, if we have problems today we always try to guess what will happen next. We want to solve the problems right away, or else we want to always see a good result which is not possible all the time.

In the last chapter of my short story, I shared this :

When you are weak, don’t deceive yourself to be not. Accept that you are troubled, and you will find the exit, and eventually you will be heading towards the source of your strength.

It's about acceptance, it's about unloading ourselves from too much thoughts of possibilities, from the thinking so many 'how if's'! Today, yes I am troubled again, well that's life and I'll accept it! What should I do? I am not going to let myself worry that much this time around, I just need to pace forward, to do what need to be done, and that's it. If there would be situation that beyond my limit and capabilities, then let it be. If I learn to accept, there would be some ways that I can find my strength in the midst of being weak. Maybe, in a different way. Yes, there must be always an exit.

Guys, if you are trouble right this time, join me. Let's breath together.

Helpful Articles:

Image Source:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life, I Live -Chapter III


When you are weak, don’t deceive yourself to be not. Accept that you are troubled, and you will find the exit, and eventually you will be heading towards the source of your strength.

Wings was a silent-type guy. He did not talk that much, yet they often had private conversations with Grace. Any sign of special treatment? Well, Grace treated him just like Rose; she knew that he was still coping with the lost of his twin brother. The two were perfect buddies, and she could better understand the situation.

After several days, Grace found out something. She was not sure about it, but she felt different with him. Was she in loved with Wings? She should not be. Even Rose insisted that she only treated Wings as her brother, but she knew exactly that her cousin had feelings for Wings… Rose was madly in love with William, and only Wings could best play his role. They were just the same.

She saw several video of William, mostly beach hang outs, and the twin brothers shared things in common. The way they talked, the way they laughed, and the way they liked things.

One day, Grace caught his gaze. But she was sure not to fall in love with this stranger—he was still to her, even Rose knew her well, but the short time they were together were not enough. She was really cautious about having relationship with somebody she did not know well.

The situation was too complicated. She had so many dreams, and it could not be stopped by her emotion. At least she knew exactly that she was not the subject, it’s Rose. She must keep silent. Along the way, she knew, she would definitely look after Wings just any other guy—nothing special.

What if he would insist? Honestly, she admitted she did not know how to resist. This guy was like her favorite cake she barely tasted, his tempting her, but no, she would resist.

Image Credit: Stuart Miles /

Life, I Live -Chapter II


Life is about choosing the right direction; it’s about extracting one simple essence or venturing out the complexity beyond… and get lost along the way.

Rose was not all alone, she had Wings with her. When William was reported missing after he and his buddies got stranded in the Islands of Batanes 7 months ago, Rose begun to fall on her knees. Her strong personality was tested by the lost of him. The shipwreck had shown no sign of human remains, until now she seemed lost somewhere; she knew William was still there, alive. Wings resembled exactly as his twin brother, but she is not falling in love with him. She loved William, and she would continue loving him even she would find one day that his dead.

“Rose, can you just forget him?” Said Grace, finding out Rose was looking out in nowhere. “Continue believing that his alive will deprived you to be happy.” She said sympathetically.

“I wanted to, but I just can’t. He always popped out here inside wherever I am.” She’s trying to hold back her tears, but it’s undeniable that she’s too drowned with emotion.

“Coz, you are here to release that, so I am here… you can cry on me, I will help you let him go.”

“When I found out that Dad was cheating, I told myself I would resist, that I will be strong for Mom, but now, I can’t make it.”

Rose held her strong personality, as strong as Carmen, but when her mother almost gave up, she tightened her grip, now, she would continue struggling to remain in place, or she would be washed away too. Fortunately, her heart was always positive that she won’t be taken away from her anchor!

The misery felt by her mother, and the sorrow she had inside won’t stop her.

Lesson: As I we talked about on how to cope with stress, the story above is a perfect example. Rose did not self-medicate. She did not lock in her room; she did not find the company of drugs and alcohol helpful to ease her feeling, she did not even hang out in night clubs. Instead, she found that the company of people close to her is helpful. She released it. She accepted she’s already weak. She took it as an opportunity to find strength again.

Image Credit: Tim Seed /

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