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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

12 Effective Make Money Blogging Tips to Remember

Blogging is like planting a tree. At the early stage, you expect to exert your best effort to water, weed, and guard your little tree so that it will grow tall, fruit bearing one. Blogging is similar to that example, you need to build a better blog first, before you can expect a living from it, finally you can quit your job and work from home, right at your living room. But what it takes?
Here are 12 vital make money blogging tips to follow so that you can build a better foundation in your early blogging career.
  1. Use Professional Looking Template - (Blogging platform is based on your own preference.) Choose a neat looking template for your blog. It must be accommodating to the eyes of your readers. You can either use a default template from blogger or download free premium blogger templates available. Learn to customize the header, the post body and the sidebar. Consult COMPUTER HOPE for color complement for your template.
  2. Avoid too many Plug-ins and Widgets - aside changing the design of your template to your own taste, you can use free to embed plug-ins to add more engagement on your blog. But do not overuse it. There are many helpful blog tools around that includes feed burner for subscription, Google custom search, friend connect, sharing and bookmarking tools, etc. If you use third party applications, please consider reading bloggers’ review or feedback. Make sure it won’t affect the loading time of your blog and its browsing compatibility. Consider the major used browsers for making such decisions like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
  3. Write Original and Quality Contents - “Quality is the King”, it won’t change. You must be unique. All your contents must be owned by you and not someone else’s existing post from nowhere. Search engines are hungry for quality and fresh contents every day, so feed them with your informative and helpful posts.
  4. Use Searchable Keywords - Practice using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Your title, headlines or post body must contain searchable keywords. Use “reasonable” number of keywords within your contents. Avoid keyword stuffing, the excessive use of keywords to deceive search engines. The keyword tool is very helpful if you “know” how to use the data from your query, so learn to use them to drive organic traffic to your blog.
  5. Write Persuasive Post - How would you convinced your readers to read your entire article? Use attractive title, and tempting headlines. You can either use essay style of writing, or a list post, or a combination of the two. Use visual aids such as pictures, graphics or videos. If you have original images, better use it. Make sure you are objective and precise. Make sure you tackle your subject matter well. Spoon feed, or leave a hanging ending, it must be of your reference.
  6. Write like a Pro - Do not tell them you are a total newbie. You might be a newbie in the blogosphere, but you are “not” a beginner in the topic you choose to blog about. You just started a blog about gardening, but you are a gardener for a long time before you decided to come out online for others to benefit your knowledge and techniques. You are here because you are expert in a certain matter, you want to share it free.
  7. Write Fast - Do you blog in between your offline job? You need to write fast. How to do that? Concentrate and believe in yourself. Write, and continue writing. Do not draft, and delete the entire paragraph you have written. Remember, you cannot be perfect, what’s important, the message you will be imparting to your readers.
  8. Write Often - Writing like a pro and fast are not enough. Blogger must blog often. It’s a “must” and not an option if you want to see a productive blog in the future. You need to provide fresh contents, and attract search engines of your scents. In my case, sometimes I may be hindered by our internet unstable connection, but if time is manageable – I don’t forget to post. If you work as a team, much better, I have known a blog that was launched last February 2012, and they have 50,000 estimated visitors as of today, with alexa traffic of about 32,000. Fact – they post 2 or 3 post daily following a good posting schedule as explained below.
  9. Set a Good Posting Schedule - I came from the million. That’s my alexa rank before, but upon following some good tips of successful bloggers, I see it going down gradually – so it’s an improvement. How posting schedule can affect your rank? It’s just that, alexa is an American Site (though am not sure of its ranking algorithm), but once you have posted your contents at their early working hours, say 8:00AM to 10:00AM, it will have a good effect of your rank.
  10. Use a Contact Form - Your blog might be silent for the time being, but you have followers, and if you provide some way to reach you in private – they will say “hello” and inspired you in that way. What are other purposes of blog contact form?
  11. Concentrate on your Niche - successful bloggers are focused on a niche they mastered for years, you can gradually build an authority by publishing helpful contents to your blog branded with your subject of interest. What are the cons of writing different topics? You will be destructed as to what your focus will be, just like me in the beginning. You cannot concentrate, jumping from one subject to another with no connection at all.
  12. Always Think Positive - This is the test. If you think the opposite way, you can’t run a blog longer. You might abandon it, or start new hoping to collect pennies. You will end up with nothing, just a time wasted. So, decide, act purposely, think straight forward, and do not quit. There are hard times, absolutely, but “quitters never win” and it’s so true here in the blogosphere.
  13. Well, it’s about building a great foundation. Once you do, you can enjoy blogging and making money out of it, together with the presence of you family at your living room.
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