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Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: Stop Multitasking

Are you stressed? Why? That is a simple question you need to answer when you just feel the burden within yourself everyday. In order to live healthy, we need to find ways on how to deal and cope with stress. Sometimes, we are not aware that when we are drowned with so much plans and thoughts it can give us stress.

What happened when we are stress? I mean what is the first thing you feel when you are stress? Headache right? And you cannot just think well. If you are working like me, we are prone to stress because of our hectic schedules, we are always thinking of our unfinished paper works, and even we brought that burden at home, to the extent, we would have several sleepless nights. See, stress can have a domino effect to our health. And since we need to stay healthy all the time, we must find ways on how manage and control stress from beating us down.

For working people like us, the first thing we must do is stop multitasking. Sometimes this method is not applicable all the time, or if you just needed to perform one or more things at the same time, try to lessen it at least. That can really exhaust you, give you headache, give you unfinished works and can give you a serious stress in the end of each day at your desk. That happened to me and believe me, it gave me trouble.

Why not make a nice schedule that is well organized? When we need to finish this and that, we must list them down according to their priority and if task A, B, C are urgent assignments to accomplish within a day, please examine which of them is the easier thing to do, maybe we can apply the trick we do while we were taking our exams in school, answer the easiest ones. Before getting drained with the difficult task, finish the easier ones... and you might have a lot of time concentrating with the difficult task within the rest of your day at work. With that, you did not give your mind pressure, often times, disorganization of your task will give you stress, nothing less.

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