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Friday, May 4, 2012

Build Up Your Vocabulary to Enhance Writing Skills and Begin Writing Quality Post

Recently I decided to do freelance writing, after I have passed the test, I started to bid for orders. In order to write well, I need to read more. Reading can be boring sometimes, but if you write academic essays, you have no choice but to read and read.

It Starts from Feeling Pressured

Yes I am pressured even until now, but it doesn't give me stress at all. It's different. It's energizing. It's pushing me from behind to move.

Rich Ideas Are Coming In

If you are done with your course, it doesn't mean that you have to stop scanning your books and notes. Learning should be constant, and it can be best acquired through reading. Reading would simply build up your vocabulary.

Rich Vocabulary Spices Up Your Post

I go with freelance writing to boost my skills in writing. That's a preparation for my long term blogging career. Since the blogoshere has all the tricks, you need to equip yourself with necessary skills in order to become a competent blogger. Indeed, blogging is a stiff competition among bloggers, it would never be easy especially if you are not prepared.

Use Techniques to Build Up Your Vocabulary

The quality of your blog posts reflects how good you are as a blogger. If you have a rich vocabulary, you can write fluently within various subjects. And you can extend your knowledge to an extreme level if you will use a technique to make learning a constant habit.

Simple Techniques

  • Learn gradually, read slowly
  • Use context clues to understand the meaning of difficult words (new words)
  • Secure a handy dictionary and thesaurus, or online dictionaries
  • List down new information, use it

Use and Apply New Information or Idea You Learned

Do you remember when you were still a child? Your Mom or teacher would asked you to read a particular list of words repeatedly. Well, repeated actions would simply yield higher retention rate. When you found useful information, incorporate it with your daily routine.

How to Further Increase Your Vocabulary

See you :)

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