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Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Writing Guest Post

This is a good question for blog beginners who wish to get more traffic free, and aims to build a good reputation in the blogosphere. This is when you think of working with other pro bloggers who have a better reputation, high amount of blog traffic in their respective blogs daily.

Writing a guest post is another challenge in our blogging career. One should consider guest posting, but how? As I have read about experiences of several successful bloggers, one of their humble statements is "they never worked all alone in their blogging years", in fact they have contributed several articles in highly respected blogs in the web, and their contribution had helped them get the name "Pro Blogger".
When you asked, what is the most affordable method on how to increase blog traffic to your blog, the nearest answer to this question is writing and submitting guest post to blogs of your niche that are around for years and have a stable traffic and good reputation to readers.
How to write a guest post?
This subject "guest post" will run a series of posts here in the SB in the coming days, and I am starting this by writing some important tips on how to write one great guest post you will be proud of. Not all submitted guest posts are published. Blog editors will choose them carefully. You might consider my humble list:
  • Find Blogs which accepts guest post, it should be in your niche, or blogs of your interest.
  • Search forums about guest bloggers, consider their experiences and suggestions.
  • Follow the list of blogs which accepts guest post, and plan where you will submit your first contribution.
  • Scan their archives so that you will know if you will be submitting first heard or unique content.
  • Your post must be original, well written and informative.
  • Remember, this is like a contest, so make sure you will be chosen. Make a better plan for your subject, and come out with your best.
  • Your post will give you the chance to be heard by loyal readers of the blog you will be guest posting, and if you are deserving, you will receive a high amount of traffic (referrals) in return.
  • Importantly, this will give you powerful backlinks, not cheap! It will help you in alexa ranking and Google page rank update.
Have I tried guest posting already?
Well, it would be my first time as well. I have written my first draft, and by the end of this week I will be telling you if my post is accepted by the editor of my chosen blog.

So stay tuned for updates, I will be sharing more tips too.

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