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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Technique to Writing Fast - Make a Post within 20 Minutes or Less

Writing fast. Writing with message for my readers. Is that hard? It sounds hard, but all of us can do that, say yes. I say yes. Today, let's make writing fast within 20 minutes time. Yeah, no time to edit after this, so I guess it's the real challenge.
Latest Update: 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time
Update: How to Write Faster Maintaining the Quality of Your Content.
Why some bloggers need to learn to write fast?
Time constraint. That's the direct answer. Am working as an accounting staff, am studying BSA, am maintaining my blog, I have my personal life, is 24 hours a day enough? Yes - it's about time management and making things quicker. How to do things quickly? Presence of mine, concentrate and achieve things. Focus on one thing at a time. I write so my mine is writing!
How to make writing that fast?
  • The most essential thing is preparation and knowledge. You open your post editor now because you have something in mind to share to your readers. I clicked new post now because am eager to write this idea "writing fast".
  • You can't write fast if you don't know your subject. So, what's the secret? While you are at your work, think of something that is applicable to your blogging career, make a note, list down possible key points and write something about that idea later.
  • Are you in writing mode? There are times that you really want to write. Pause, stop doing your task, for 10 to 20 minutes, draft your new post. That's it.
  • Make your leisure habit productive. As what I have said, if you don't have the idea, you can't write. So keep on reading! I have a post about it - Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Mind in a Good Writing Mode!
Speed writing must be done with caution. There are lot of things that can be done to make the written content less quality if we won't carefully consider them such as correct spelling, correct grammar, the coherence or the significance of the entire content.

Anyone can write, any blogger can write content, but the question is, did we deliver a message helpful to our readers? If not, we should re-draft. I updated this post to remind everyone that we can only write fast, only if we have the "instant idea and concept" in mind. We could not just write down things without purpose.

If you have the idea now, why not take the opportunity in writing fast within 20 minutes as a short break from your paper works? You should try it.

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