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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make Money By Posting and Responding Discussion at Mylot

Are you looking for ways on how to make money online? There are tired people from their offline jobs or jobless folks out there who have surfed the web for solutions to their problems. There are also working individuals who wants to make their break times and leisure activities compensating. So, we will figure out exactly how to do that without lies and absurd examples.
How can you make money during your vacant times at work?
Don't quit your job right now! Online promises a decent living to all who crave to make money in their living rooms without leaving their love ones, but right now there is no assurance because "success" cannot be obtained "overnight". You need to figure it out, and it takes time in the first place. Right now, do your job and make a plan to having a decent money making scheme online.
What is myLot and how can you make money there?
I purposely look for money making programs last 2007 when I was busy schooling as I wanted to look for extra money to cover up my school expenses. I found myLot. For all who became members of myLot, this discussion forum is paying all the time! Forget about scam, you are in good hands. The only good tactic you need to learn is how to reach the pay out every month to finally say you have found an extra money making leisure habit! Is it good?
How can you exactly reach the pay out?
Mainly, the list I made below are ways on how you will enjoy myLot, and compensate you for doing the things you love:
  • Find topics you want. You can select various topics, from parenting to sex, from sports to relationships. You can browse different top discussions, hot topics, recently responded or newly posted thoughts of myLotters (members or users) and participate by sharing your idea or opinion through responding the chosen post. In turn, you will earn real money.
  • Write and post topics of your interest. Do you want to talk about family matters? Browse all the interests available and add "family" or "parenting" and start a fresh topic right then. Write a reasonable length of your thought, give a catching title and post it. Cents will then starts to increase your earnings.
  • Refer your friends and family members to discuss what you've posted. Yes, promote your post to your sister or even classmates or office mates. Refer them to myLot and earn 25% from their earnings.
Those lists are the major ways on how you will reach your pay out every month when the myLot logo turns green! But it's not enough yet, I want to tell you good tactics on how to double your earnings, and how much exactly you can possible save their daily.
Here are the good tactics.
Daily regular participation will compensate you more. I don't want to assume the algorithm on how myLot computes your earnings per active myLotting (participation) but you will make "real money" every month if you want to. You can earn up to 1 dollar a day, in between your paperwork. You can allocate 5 minutes every hour to read and respond or write new topics you thought helpful or informative.

Use your "heart" by doing so - what I mean is "enjoy". Pick the interests you want to talk about or give opinion, and respond or write reasonable length of sentences and paragraphs to convince myLot you are serious and deserving to earn more.

Reasonable length does not really point out exact number of sentences, but avoid one liner responses or discussions. Do not post poll or "yes" or "no" questions. Do not promote other programs or referral programs, purely discuss without the aim to promote or advertise. Do not include in your conversation "pm me or contact me later". Directly send a friend or myLotter a private message to avoid violating the precious guidelines!

I strongly encourage you to read the guidelines! Topics and responses that violate the myLot guidelines are deleted by them! They are strict because they want to maintain a community free of scammed topics.
Register from here and start spending your vacant time productively.
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