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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Best of bitly – The Friendliest URL Shortening Service

It's time for some warm up... yeah let's do our regular blogging exercise! Anyway, I miss almost everything here, most specially posting some updated blog tweaks, but the time is near that I will be updating almost all of my previous post. I have only a simple mission, that is to give you a timely information that is helpful with your blogging career. Give me sometime and I will dig the SB archives, as it has been almost 2 years of existence! So what's the update for today?
Let's Talk About URL Shortener -bitly, are you using it?
Anyway, I have shopped a service that will gonna send me another 2500 twitter followers - what she instructed me to do is provide her a tweet, and then I thought it's perfect to add a shortened URL. I suddenly remembered about bitly because I have one before. Now, here I am, but it was not the site I used to know before - today, it's amazing! For me, it's the best URL shortener ever!
Bitly is perfect - very easy to use and I can customize my link!
I expected that I will be having much reading, and tour before I can actually make a shortened URL of my post link, because it might sound new to me again, but what happened was the opposite. I have my stuff just in seconds! The interface is super friendly! What's more? I can customize my URL! Goodbye to the thing, because I can actually set it to or something that I want!
Bitly interesting and updated features/services:
  • Bitmarks - those are lists of your submitted link. By hovering one of those links, you can easily add a note, yeah it's much like tags. You can add your twitter and facebook account and post your newly submitted links so your friends can see it. You have the option to send it via email too!
  • Bundles - well, you can group together your bitmarks! You have a full control over it and easy access to similar submitted links.
  • Stats - of course it's a comprehensive report!
  • Your profile - well, you can see your avatar, your connected accounts (twitter and facebook) as well your links in a very clean interface!
Plus, I love the privacy, I can actually set one of my links to private, anyway what's the purpose of locking it? Simple, not all your submitted links are for public use *Grinning*...

Anyway, am always generous, bitly is not the only URL shortener services, so learn the best one to use: Decide which one - a study by Search Engine Land!
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