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Friday, June 29, 2012

Update AddThis Sharing Tool to Include Pinterest and Google+

Have you updated your AddThis Bookmarking Tool installed in your blog? I have just noticed today that I miss a Pinterest button, so I looked for ways on how to do it. Amazingly, AddThis has a Pinterest Button default in it's script, what's missing is the precious Google+ button. What need to be done now is add back the missing G+ button, so that we will have a perfect sharing options from Facebook like, Tweet, G+, Pinterest and the rest provided by AddThis pill!

Anyway, the screenshot below show that only the floating widget has the Google+ button with counter:
Recently, I have included AddThis as one of the Top 5 Blog Tools for Building a Great Blog.
How to add back the missing g+ button?
    If you have already updated the sharing widget and found out that g+ is missing, do the following:
  • Open Blogger Layout and open HTML/JavaScript where your AddThis script is saved.
  • Expand the widget by maximizing the window and dragging the bottom right of the box as shown in the screenshot so that you can view the entire codes and script.
  • This time, simply add the g+ plus code along the existing ones. Please screenshot, click to see the full size:
Here is the code to be added there (Copy and Paste this), the ones highlighted at the screen shot above:
<a class='addthis_button_google_plusone' g:plusone:size='medium'></a>
Anyway, the next code will show a more clear picture where the g+ be placed. Search for <a class='addthis_button_tweet'></a> by pressing CTRL + F.
<a class='addthis_button_facebook_like' fb:like:layout='button_count'></a> <a class='addthis_button_tweet'></a> <a class='addthis_button_google_plusone' g:plusone:size='medium'></a> <a class='addthis_button_pinterest_pinit'></a> <a class='addthis_counter addthis_pill_style'></a>
Why I still choose AddThis?
Am not a geek, but I know this sharing tool is perfect as a third party application to blog for its lightness, neat look!

So, you can easily place it now... see you guys.

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