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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Write Really Really Fast - An Effective Writing Exercise

Am here sitting in the net cafe, Sunday mid-afternoon, I still have too many pages left on my Law book for tomorrow's challenge with my professor. Am not done reading yet, the humid atmosphere at my room got me walking and slipping inside an air-conditioned net cafe. Way back on the late of 2011 and early 2012, I used to be here almost every night for SB, then here I am again.
Last night, I published my post about 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time, today, this is a continuation to the tips that came out from my head as a fruits of my writing experiments over the months.
How to write really really fast?
Well, yes, if you are like me, you have the right to ask how can you really write in speed. Writing really fast is not bad, I told it and I emphasize it in my post - How to Write Faster Maintaining the Quality of Your Content. Indeed, this habit is productive in our blogging career, specially because the term "blog" means writing and posting fresh contents everyday. Anyway, you are not oblige to write, no one well told you "your blog is empty today". Rather, if you really think something good will happen in the future because of your "blog" then you must take the responsibility in writing.

This very moment, as you can notice it, am writing fast - yes.
Writing fast is about sitting and concentrating and putting all your thoughts on your post editor, not regarding if you got the good flow of words or spelling mistakes.
This is about "taking advantage" of the time where your mind is envelope with your passion in writing. This is about the work of your thoughts and "imagination" and fingers. Think, type until you got all the things you want to say.

You know, I believe that in a point of time, we have the ability to write one single post, or an ability to explain one single subject in "just a flow of thoughts". If we lost it, we will not find the trace or we might had a hard time finding it.

How to hold it from not passing by without documentation? It's "writing really really fast."
What you do when your terror professor dictates your assignment for the weekend?
All you have to do is scribble down words or keywords, or if you can really follow, his entire statement or instruction. That's what we do while we are writing. We don't give the chance that something would destruct us from loosing any precious ideas that are flowing in our bright imagination - they are fast like a flowing river, so be quick.

This post is different from the other one I made, obviously this is not a list post, but see? Did I write all the things I want to tell you write now? I do not stop because I forget the term I want to write, I do not stop because of the spelling mistakes I made, I only stop after am done catching all the things my mind dictates me to write - it's the time am going to edit my piece.

Should I sum up? If you want to write really fast, don't work many tabs on your browser, concentrate on your post editor, write everything you want to say, and rest and edit your work if you are done writing everything. It's catching the flows in your bright imagination.

This post is inspired from How to Write Fast @ Problogger.

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See you.

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