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Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Join Triberr

How is blogging after the Google Penguin Updates?  Well, I would say my traffic decreased. That’s the reality. Penguin wants “natural” – that means natural way of building authority and back links. How can we do that?

It’s when we learn how to use social networks, and blogging community to raise traffic and engagement to our blog (the best alternative). That’s my biggest mistake done early this year – I abandoned my community to write for the search engines.

Authority and back links can be built naturally, and readers, followers and friends will do that. Early today, I receive a long craved comment to SB, after I lost the sight of my old friends in the blogosphere. I checked it out and enjoyed commenting again to Lisa’s nice posts – and I learned how triberr increase and double her traffic.

If you are familiar with, it sounds familiar – yet there is something you should check out!

Basically, to join triberr, you need to provide your email address and blog URL, then allow triberr to access your twitter account – that’s how you can automatically log-in and set the rest manually.

How to add your blog to your newly created account?


  1. Setting – click the down arrow next to your profile name and select settings.
  2. Choose blog settings.
  3. Blog URL is automatically added, so provide your feed URL.
How to Find Blog Valid Feed URL? (for Blogger blogs)

It’s simple, copy the address below and add it to your blog address.


It would look like this:
Then Discover More!

Tribes – to start browsing tribes, you need to add your interest and start connecting.

triberr2 Bonfires – or should I say it’s the “tweets” if we talk about twitter.

Bones – it’s  your fuel, or rights to make an invites… 15 bones per invites, upon joining you got 100 bones… let’s discover more – that’s my initial know-how!

So I guess we should give a try Lisa’s tips to increase traffic!

See you:)

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