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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Download Free Social Icons in 3D for Free – 6 icons in 3 sizes

Are you in need of pretty sets of social icons in 3D with names on it? We have the latest link to its resource so that you can get them, in different sizes for free!
Why social media icons important?
Instead of simply putting an anchor text or link of your social participation like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ on your blog sidebar or header, you actually put an art to them by using social icons. The problem is, if we have no enough knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, we cannot able to make a beautiful sets to impress our readers. But we got alternatives!  We can use icon generators, or icons search engines to search for downloadable sets that may suits the template of our blog. Below are my previous posts that will tell you how exactly a newbie can generate an amazing icons:
Aside from that, as I am so addicted to collecting some free fine-made icons to make our blog more alive and engaging, we can now have 6 popularly used icons in 3D, in 3 different sizes like 48, 64 and 128 pixels! So, if you feel the need of changing your old icons, or if you don’t have any – you can get this one anytime from one of my favorite blog since I started blogging – Spice Up Your Blog! Click the image to download! (Scroll down below to see how to use social icons properly.)
How to Use Social Icons?
After downloading, unzipped it first! How?
Simply go to the download folder, right lick on the zipped file, then extract it to a specified location or folder.
You can now open all of them, choose what size you want and upload them to your image hosting sites, like Picasa, Flickr, etc.
How to Link the Icons to My Social Networks?
It’s like making a banner that works, please check this short tutorial!
What are you waiting for? Any question, feel free to ask.

See you!

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