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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life, I live


Life, it’s not living like the promised paradise. Shall I say it’s just like playing a seesaw! Yes, in fact, if today you are at the top, tomorrow you would wake up seeing yourself not in there anymore. Yet, how can you stay happy despite it all?

I am Prime Aque, and let me tell you a story. This is a story I wrote long ago, when I was still a young boy at my high school days. Life, it’s not about age, it’s about awareness, well, long ago I knew what it took to live a life. So here, its life we live for. Is it tough? I guess it’s more.

Grace is a local woman who was raised in a distant from what they called town. She lived with her parents, and her older brother, Johnny. Like any other, she dreamed a happier life one day, a life different from what she used to wake up each morning. She and Johnny had just a nice dream for their family. They had still one year left in their bachelor degree, but it was a hot summer, so they enjoyed being with Gerry, and Carmela. They have been so closed to their parents that they would keep no secret from them. A cold Thursday night, when everyone was almost asleep, a loud barking of dogs echoed the house. Johnny stood up and had a glimpse outside; the dim light of the moon gave two shadows of people standing just few meters away.

“Who are they?” He mumbled. But then the barking stopped.

Grace got a tight sleep. It was good as she and Johnny always go to bed late in town; they got so many things to do just to make their dreams come true. Fortunately, she was expecting for an academic recognition. She stood up and headed towards the window, the first thing she always do inside her room after waking up. She loved watching the rising sun.

“Grace?” She turned around, and surprised as this lovely one was unexpected to be standing just beside her. “Rose!” She threw herself with her cousin’s arms widely opened.

These two shared traits in common, Rose was born with a silver platter, but after Carmen, her mother discovered that her husband lived with a mistress, she stand strong pulling back her family from shuttering into pieces and she never gave up. Rose knew that one day, everything will be fine again. On the same hand, Grace was always positive despite of the face of poverty. Carmen got married with a businessman in Manila 25 years ago, but Carmela, her younger sister, chose to stay and fall in love with Gerry, her lover back in high school. Though she was offered with fortune, but she chose to live a life with love and faith. Money for her was like fallen leaves on the ground, as it could easily washed away when a storm came. (To be continued…)

Lesson: Life is about choosing the right direction; it’s about extracting one simple essence or venturing out the complexity beyond…

Characters: Grace, Johnny, Rose, Wings, William, Gerry, Carmela, Carmen

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