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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why You Have to Nurture Your Skill in Writing

Top 10 Reasons
How do you define writing in your own words? If you are asked to rate writing as an important factor of being you from 1 to 10, would you pick up 8, 9, or 10? Do you consider it of value anyway? If you do, let's together nurture that gift.

As a growing person, writing can be define differently compared to the one we used to know when we still in grade school. Writing is not just about composing simple sentences this time, aiming to follow the basic subject and verb agreement. Writing is about giving our imagination a concrete form. The Richness of our ideas can acquire much value if it will be presented in a well-written language.

Well, based on my appreciation to writing, an innate skill that empowers me, I will share to you Top 10 Reasons why you have and need to nurture this precious skill like what I do.

Top 10 Reasons:

  • Writing expresses yourself. Writing can give you an identity that no one can take away from you. Can you enumerate writers that are well noted with their great compositions? If you are using your wit through speaking, try another medium, write it and it can be put in a good use.
  • Writing is a bank established enough for your vocabulary. We are oblivious, sadly, that makes us human. Do not be confident enough that you can hold and store as much as information you want, I believe that our brain works like a computer, it would crash down anytime if you are going to overuse it. What to do? Make a back-up as early as now. In other words, invest it in an established bank. Deposit your ideas by turning them into words. Starting a blog would be one of the best thing you can do.
  • Writing is a way to help others in a bigger scope. If you have decided to write a blog about the richness of your ideas, you are extending your generosity to the whole world. Imagine how many people you can reach out 24/7? Your blog and writing is an established bank, and the World Wide Web acts as the central bank. If you share informative and helpful contents, you are helping the web to become even rich and powerful. If you are writing quality contents, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines would proudly recommend you to people. Helping others will just give you a very satisfying feeling--an achievement.
  • Writing gives you a feeling of a priceless achievement. What do you feel when you know that many people are happy and thankful to you? What do you feel when you know that there are few hundreds of readers regularly visiting and scanning your written topics for information as guide for their daily activities? Wow! You just don't express yourself, but you came out to be a helping hand.
  • Make real friends along the way and expand your knowledge through them. Writing and blogging is a give and take situation. It is a win-win approach. Why? You make real friends out there. You would find a true circle of people who value things like you do. If you feel that you do not belong to the people around you, make a bridge, walk miles away using your wit and writing fluency. Exchange ideas from different people you know you can be with and learn from them. At first, you need your writing skill in helping them, but unknowingly, it help you learn more. Indeed, blogging is learning.
  • Writing make you wiser. Wise people speak about ideas. They are like birds hungry for worms, and everyday, they would fly to feed themselves. Wise people are like ants, they are hard working enough to look for foods before the rain would wash them away. Are you like birds and ants? In a matter of time, they will become clever, and they would know when scarcity knocks their doors. How about us people? Well, use what it is in you. Train yourself, practice makes one perfect! Guys, make a testament of how intellectual you are.
  • Make the world a better place through your words. It's about spreading the good news. Who among you know Dr. Jose Rizal? He had changed the course of the Philippine History because of his wisdom transformed into powerful and awakening compositions. He had never used sword to fight against enemies, because he got a weapon powerful enough to win the battle. Shifting our talk to our modern technology today, the web has became rich with ideas, tools and resources, but it is also bombarded with negative elements or what we called the negative side of the internet. Let's fight, let's out number them by sharing our insightful ideas. Let's change the world.
  • Write for your future. Whether you owned a blog, or do a freelance work through writing, you are making a paved way for your future. You may not realize it for the time being, did I? Well, I do realize it long ago. Blogging, for example, is like planting a tree; you are using your skill to dig up the soil, weed and water. The little plant might not become a tree right after tomorrow, but it will grow in time.
  • Make money through writing. Did you built a strong tree guard for your little tree? Well, it is grown now and bear sweet fruits already, I realized you did (the tree guard thing). I am not joking, there are lots of people out there who make money blogging. They have used their writing skill to make a good living for themselves and their families.
  • Give more time for your family. That's the bottom line. By exploiting the richness of your ideas, you would see yourself managing your own schedule inside your living room, giving you the chance to bond with your families anytime, much longer.
Anyway, what are your reasons why you have nurtured your writing skill? Have I guessed any? See you:)

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