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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life, I live


Life, it’s not living like the promised paradise. Shall I say it’s just like playing a seesaw! Yes, in fact, if today you are at the top, tomorrow you would wake up seeing yourself not in there anymore. Yet, how can you stay happy despite it all?

I am Prime Aque, and let me tell you a story. This is a story I wrote long ago, when I was still a young boy at my high school days. Life, it’s not about age, it’s about awareness, well, long ago I knew what it took to live a life. So here, its life we live for. Is it tough? I guess it’s more.

Grace is a local woman who was raised in a distant from what they called town. She lived with her parents, and her older brother, Johnny. Like any other, she dreamed a happier life one day, a life different from what she used to wake up each morning. She and Johnny had just a nice dream for their family. They had still one year left in their bachelor degree, but it was a hot summer, so they enjoyed being with Gerry, and Carmela. They have been so closed to their parents that they would keep no secret from them. A cold Thursday night, when everyone was almost asleep, a loud barking of dogs echoed the house. Johnny stood up and had a glimpse outside; the dim light of the moon gave two shadows of people standing just few meters away.

“Who are they?” He mumbled. But then the barking stopped.

Grace got a tight sleep. It was good as she and Johnny always go to bed late in town; they got so many things to do just to make their dreams come true. Fortunately, she was expecting for an academic recognition. She stood up and headed towards the window, the first thing she always do inside her room after waking up. She loved watching the rising sun.

“Grace?” She turned around, and surprised as this lovely one was unexpected to be standing just beside her. “Rose!” She threw herself with her cousin’s arms widely opened.

These two shared traits in common, Rose was born with a silver platter, but after Carmen, her mother discovered that her husband lived with a mistress, she stand strong pulling back her family from shuttering into pieces and she never gave up. Rose knew that one day, everything will be fine again. On the same hand, Grace was always positive despite of the face of poverty. Carmen got married with a businessman in Manila 25 years ago, but Carmela, her younger sister, chose to stay and fall in love with Gerry, her lover back in high school. Though she was offered with fortune, but she chose to live a life with love and faith. Money for her was like fallen leaves on the ground, as it could easily washed away when a storm came. (To be continued…)

Lesson: Life is about choosing the right direction; it’s about extracting one simple essence or venturing out the complexity beyond…

Characters: Grace, Johnny, Rose, Wings, William, Gerry, Carmela, Carmen

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Moderate Use of Alcohol and Drugs Lead You?

Self-medication should be avoided. When you are in trouble, it’s always good to seek the guidance of the people you trust. The use of alcohol and drugs will give you the disadvantage in the long run! They are just temporary reliefs, but if you want to cope with stress, if you want to get out from trouble, then you have to seek the right way. The use of alcohol and drugs, even if someone says he is using it moderately will end up walking towards dead end!

Self-medication often times deceives you. Today, you will find their company calming. But within a certain period, it will hunt you like a predator running after your life. The moderate use will become excessive and abnormal. It will become uncontrollable. The dark spirits of alcohol and drugs will control you completely, that you got no choice but to follow like a puppet. You will be walking to and pro without purpose in mind. Remember, we are purposely gifted with life.

But it’s always been a choice whether to proceed finding the real way out or choose the easy ones, the company of these bad spirits. Bear in mind, it’s not lasting. If you choose this, get ready to walk up one day with nothing like a lost soul in a desert with nothing left but you, the scorching sun, amidst the endless earth of sand.

Beware alcohol and drugs are just like snakes. They can be your friends, but they would bite you at your back, taking away your life. Choose, live or die not in time. Addiction, it's a result of the wrong practice, self-medication!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: No to Alcohol and Drugs

When was my last entry, well it was couple of days already. Tonight, I am hear to continue my mission in giving our remedies for stressful situations in day to day living. I have observed almost a week on several things around, and being stressed out is the common result of our hectic schedules and tough encounter with life.

Some people usually practice self medication trying to find the nearest escape to their problem. Have you observed yourself? Have your observed your colleagues? Have your observed your friends? If you did, did they mask stress with alcohol and drugs? According to Study Guides and Strategies (, alcohol and drugs won't deal with the problems, hence it won't help you cope yourself from the stressful situation. It is not the way to reduce stress, it may just worsen your feeling.

What happened to Whitney Houston? Well, I am not judging her, but we all know that she went into rehab because of a drug addiction (I don't know how true was that though), but I won't dig more, the news was enough for me. The lessons we get from her life behind the super successful singing career are rich to learn. She spent a lot of time in celebrity drug rehabs but she kept on relapsing as the years went by. It's mistake to use drugs and alcohol to run away!

In short, it is not just right to practice self-medication. According to Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia, it is the term used to describe the use of drugs and alcohol to treat untreated [relieve or reduce] stress and anxiety. Please read full definition about self-medication.

Whenever there is self-medication, and then addiction, a worst nightmare will soon conquer your bedtime! No, it will take away your precious life... (I will post about addiction as part of this topic soon.)

Managing Stress @
Self-Medication @ Wikipedia
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Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: Don't Prolong the Agony

At work, or where ever, we encountered misunderstanding. People who do not know the worst effect of holding any pain, discomfort, distress or dislikes or even hatred will even find ways to prolong it. Instead of ending the trouble, they continue making actions to worsen the situation. What they do get anyway? Well, wrinkles and headaches. That's only a wrapper of the whole package brought by the situation. What's inside is the threat of your health!

When you found out that your neighbor or your colleague fight you at your back, or made some actions against you, of course, they deserve your confrontations, or if you can't manage and hold your temper, it will lead to an extended trouble. But what should you do in the end of the day? Are you going to bring the bitter feelings at home? No.

Leave the feeling at the place where it happened and let go of it. That's what I exactly learned today. Please do not prolong the agony, anger or bitterness inside you. Once you have released it, never let it bother you one more time. You better find some ways to solve it right away, talk to the person nicely perhaps. Sometimes light trouble would become heavy, open your mind and look at it at it's true weight and never waste your time on it.

It's stressful right? So find the solution to relieve yourself. I am doing it almost everyday! We are in the real world and such things are inevitable!

Tip: Listen, Speak and Keep Silent. If you have spoken your side, keep quite and let the situation back to normal again! Time will always heal.

Each day, our body and mind deserve some ways to reduce stress, always remember too much stress is dangerous to our health!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To Reduce Stress: Set Priorities

Our health is the vehicle to our destination, without it, imagine walking a long long way...

Anyway, I am truly stressed out, sometimes even if I am trying hard to run away from stressful situations, but it seems I am in the midst of it the entire month! This is truly a challenging chapter of my life, since I got a parade of deadlines. When the nightfall comes, it is really nice to find something refreshing, well it's not good to go to sleep with mind still occupied with thoughts that can make your entire bed time a nightmare.

This is a part two of how to reduce and cope with stress! There are many ways, and I will tackle it here one by one, I able to come up with this valuable topic because I need this myself in the first place.

Tonight, I stumbled upon with a very helpful guide that talk exactly on how can we manage our stress! I pick one and it's simple:

Don't sweat the small stuff: Try to prioritize a few truly important things and let the rest slide. (

What do you think about it? It's just simply related to multitasking. If we are exhausted in doing lot of things, why not evaluate them and set aside the less important ones?

The old saying is true, we cannot better serve two masters at the same time, or unless we can manage. There are really extraordinary people out there, but if you are just like me, if you experienced back-pain and headache already, do not hesitate to list down the things that you wanted to accomplish, which of them are must to do and do it. Forget the miscellaneous ones and think about them if you got the extra time.

In everything we do, we must think of our health in the first place, it serves as a vehicle to our destination, without it imagine walking a long long way...

Study Guides and Strategies: How Can You Manage Your Stress?
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: Stop Multitasking

Are you stressed? Why? That is a simple question you need to answer when you just feel the burden within yourself everyday. In order to live healthy, we need to find ways on how to deal and cope with stress. Sometimes, we are not aware that when we are drowned with so much plans and thoughts it can give us stress.

What happened when we are stress? I mean what is the first thing you feel when you are stress? Headache right? And you cannot just think well. If you are working like me, we are prone to stress because of our hectic schedules, we are always thinking of our unfinished paper works, and even we brought that burden at home, to the extent, we would have several sleepless nights. See, stress can have a domino effect to our health. And since we need to stay healthy all the time, we must find ways on how manage and control stress from beating us down.

For working people like us, the first thing we must do is stop multitasking. Sometimes this method is not applicable all the time, or if you just needed to perform one or more things at the same time, try to lessen it at least. That can really exhaust you, give you headache, give you unfinished works and can give you a serious stress in the end of each day at your desk. That happened to me and believe me, it gave me trouble.

Why not make a nice schedule that is well organized? When we need to finish this and that, we must list them down according to their priority and if task A, B, C are urgent assignments to accomplish within a day, please examine which of them is the easier thing to do, maybe we can apply the trick we do while we were taking our exams in school, answer the easiest ones. Before getting drained with the difficult task, finish the easier ones... and you might have a lot of time concentrating with the difficult task within the rest of your day at work. With that, you did not give your mind pressure, often times, disorganization of your task will give you stress, nothing less.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guide Your Child in Using Social Networks Like Facebook

I found this topic an important matter to tackle about. Most of us have facebook accounts, right? This have been the giant among social networks so most of us are tempted to register and communicate with the people we knew online, connecting to our long lost friends.

But facebook has changed a lot... I won't exactly point that facebook allow users of bad motives like posting nude pictures and pornographic videos, but I am pointing these issues to users who intentionally created an account at fb for sharing such malicious materials over the vast ground of this very known social network with millions and millions of eyes glimpsing everyday at their homes and offices.

I won't really bother if all facebook users are old enough to understand such materials, we can manage of course, but how about those children below 13 years old? This virtual community is used as pornographic medium already, and that is really a bad news to parents whose children are also addicted to facebook.

How can you protect your child online? How can you protect your child from being influenced by such malicious content that can be seen as new stories everyday at their facebook walls?

Privacy has been an issue long before, yes you can set your account as private, but how can your protect yourself from receiving those contents? How can facebook strictly banned children under 13 years old from registering a new account? Or is this a serious task for parents to protect their children from being brainwashed by social networks uncensored contents? It is a big Yes!

Look around you, you must be aware of the possibilities you might regret in the end... the use of facebook is not bad if it's appropriate, it's not a pornographic site after all, but some are missing the point why they registered for an account there... so protect your child and think of their safety.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Face Problems - Regain Your Logical Thinking

As I read you comments from my post Our Innate Power to Relieve Stress, I am really happy with your reactions. I knew it's effective. Whats good in it is that I have been so exhausted performing my job yet I able to see the way out to appreciate life.

While we are here breathing, we really got no choice but to face what lies ahead, or if we choose not to struggle yet idling will give us nothing. So to be fruitful, we should do the things that worth our time and find the escape to those hindrances and barriers along the way.

Sometimes, when we face problems, headache will be knocking our head hard... but in times that there would be no giving up, we should find the nearest station to unload the burden, to refresh ourselves to gain the sanity and the logical thinking we need in order to reach the finish line.

What usually happens is that we lost our logical thinking and behavior when inevitable hindrances will say hello and totally block our way. If the road is too narrow, and a deadly cliff is a few steps beside where we are standing with trembling knees, we cannot go back but continue walking. We need to regain our logical mind to continue.

What I telling you right now is do not let yourselves be defeated by trials, it would only happen when you give up! Never do that, never say you can't do it any longer! Get yourself organized once more... when you are surrounded with shuttered pieces of negativity, what you need to do is cleaned them out from your way.

Think logically, think smartly... we are humans and its innate within us. Make your move step by step this time, empty your minds with "if's". Go upstairs step by step, do not haste or you will fall down...

Make you moves simple but sure... then you will see a more productive output. We just need to keep on thinking, not for the negative things... if we do that we will loose our power to think logically. This is how to face problems, regain the power and start with mind full of alternatives!

(Hello SB Community its been a long time already that haven't talked to you, but right now, your interest in reading my insightful posts about life keep me going... in that light SB will remain to be the one when you first heard about it. Self Blooming and Simplified Blogging will be one! For now, you can check out an under construction blog that is more focus about blogging, social media and news here -♥- tellright-♥-)

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