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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let Kindness Reveals the Truth...

Did you make a list of the real people you meet everyday? We meet them with different faces, but can your point out who wear masks? Who are genuine and who are not?

I must mentioned this that we cannot judge a person by our first impression, yet impression lasts! But how can we avoid judging people? In my case I do not want to judge as I don't want to be judge at all. I guess this humble poetry can help a bit, I hope so...

Look into my eyes
Look into my heart
Don't judge me outside

Listen to me by your ears
Listen me beyond my words
Understand me from the heart

Touch me by your hands
Feel my flaming emotions
Meet me through your soul

I live with imperfections
But I live with my true emotions
You got to know a real person

Life is too precious to waste every single moment for nothing. I know it's time to make a choice, we can only live life to the fullest when we know everyone of us are spending our time for worthwhile activities.

Sometimes our kindness are the one which can deceive and betray us! Sad? Yes! But let kindness melt those masks so that we can rejoice with the precious time left for us...

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