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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Important Alert - Threaded Comment Problem and Issues!

I guess it's been a blessing in disguise that the threaded comment, a new feature of Blogger commenting system won't work at SB for the time being. Why? It's because as per observation, it's not working as fine as we expect it to work with our blogs. Today I will basically site my experiences so far.

Not all, but most of your blogs which have this threaded commenting style were:

1. Jumping me to your comment form! When you have the read more option, when I click read more or your post title it will supposedly bring me to your post, but this time, I have to scroll the page again back there because threaded comment give me the hassle shortcut.

2. The worst for me here, when you set your blog to show the full post, not the read more style, when I click the link of your add comments, do you know what happened? It takes me to forever loading! Blank page, your blog loads a lot slower...

I may sound so absurd but this is the truth right here at the Firefox I am using. Not all of us got the time to wait, LOL. Anyway, I want to know your experiences so far... if you did the same, please try to consider using the full page or pop comments for the main time. I know Blogger Team will give us the fix soon!

And I guess that time, when I will put the code for threaded comment here at SB, it will work already.

(As for my lost and corrupted files, most of them are there safe in my new PC, two important excel workbooks are still corrupted, I have them already but it can't be opened or else it gave me the unreadable values. Soon, I am still hopeful someone can help me fix them, but for now, life is back to normal.)

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