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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Google Drive is Ready - Open Any Type of Files Wherever You Are

Google Drive is finally installed in my PC.

Yesterday, I was so excited about this new service from Google and I quickly wrote and introductory post about it.

Today, I am notified that the drive is ready, so I give a try, and the result - Satisfactory 'so far :)'!

Anyway, is this a brand new idea? No, it's an advance version of the Google Docs! This is something that will help us instantly drag and drop our files to the drive installed in our computer, ready to be opened anywhere we are!

Are you ready? Did you let Google the chance to notify you? If not, visit Google Drive now, and try it!

Let me share my actual experience:

Well, as soon as I received the notification, I promptly downloaded the installer for the drive. Let me share some screenshots:
After running the googledrivesync.exe, the following screenshots will appear on your computer screen:
I selected the Start Sync, and this will be the next: (Since I miss to take down notes the correct sequence of the process, the sign-in thing may appear here or earlier.)

The Highlights:

  • You can see your Google Drive Shortcut at your computer screen:
  • Now, easily drag and drop any type of files at your drive! This time I tried files in folder.
  • So anytime, go to Google Drive at your browser and your files are ready. Please note, you can see the sync symbol just at the left side of your file if the file is still downloading, and a check symbol if everything is on the go:)
  • Now, see examples files copied to the Drive :)
  • MS Word:
    Video: (As per experience video won't appear on your drive unless its done syncing.)

My last words:

It's good! I won't compare the Drive to the other services available out there. Google indeed give me a free 5GB Drive for bringing all my important files anywhere-- instantly! Thanks Google!

Want more Reviews?

Visit ComputerWorld for more, find what they found out about the service:)

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