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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rebuild Your Path - a Way to Better Blogging

Let me share to you what inspired me today - it's an article from my newly found mentor for blogging, Samantha Gluck, she will lead us the way to find inspiration in our broken paths.
It's motivational and inspiring. In the early days of blogging, what are the things that made us think it's impossible to get successful? Let me enumerate mine:
  • Content - Content and Quality is the king. How can I survive? How can I produce original and quality contents as often as possible?
  • Traffic - the most challenging ever. How can I grow my traffic? It's not an overnight task. It's tricky. It's hard... It's hard to befriend the search engines.
  • Authority - one of the hardest. It's synonymous to respect us well. Once blogger has it, it's not really hard for him to promote his contents.
  • Money - if I don't blog for money, I might have abandoned this blog. It's about patience and waiting for the "perfect" time. Can you wait?
Despite of that, am not broken really, she don't believe that dreams can be broken down into pieces - it's just lost for some reasons.

The factors I have mentioned sometimes steal my dreams and put it somewhere, but through looking at successful people, by observing how they thrive and fight to make their dreams come true... I guess I would spend time to search it from nowhere and possess it again.

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See you.
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