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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is Google Webmaster Tools in the Eyes of New Bloggers?

When we read about webmaster, and some sort of things - what do you have in mind? Another hard thing? Another challenge? That's what I actually thought, these types of information are analytical and technical, yet, all of us "new bloggers" can actually try to use and apply it at least.

What are the things that make you think it's better to leave it for the experts? For the webmaster geeks out there? Perhaps, you think it's hard, all you can do is write and scribble down your post. NO, it's wrong, you can always try these things for good - for your own good.

As newbie in the blogosphere, you need to know things beyond the look of your blog. Do you have a beautiful blogger template? How about the health of your blog? Is it healthy? How would you know?

We go to the hospital, have some doctor's check and prescription to insure that our health is good. Same, your blog, my blog needs some check up. It's not optional - it's recommended. And what is the tool that will help you check your blog's health? Well - it's the Google Webmaster Tools, check yours!

So - What are the things I found helpful?
  • Messages - Check for occasional messages, specially if blog got some serious trouble perhaps.
  • Configuration - "touch me not", you don't need to actually change or configure this one, or unless you have moved your blog to a different domain, no need to start from scratch. Just tell the webmaster of the URL of your new domain!
  • Health - this is the highlight here. We need to at least check this one from time to time so that we can tell whether our blog is doing fine or not specially the crawl errors.
  • Traffic - this will give you some important update of your blog. From there, you will know who links your blog! Those are do follow blogs, no less. You will gotta know your most linked URL, so it will give you a better idea of improvement.
  • Optimization - here comes the sitemap. Have you generated the right sitemap for your blogger blog? If so, if you submitted, say 170 webpages, then the webmaster must have indexed the same number as well. If not, read this post from MBT - Why Google Indexes Only 26 Pages Of Your Blogger Sitemap? (1)! You can also check your content keywords. Do it now :)
Anyway, aside from that, I have surfed you a very good aid to understand fully what is the function of this tool - Google for Webmasters, check this out!

Also check the Google Webmaster Central Blog for new webmaster tutorial videos.

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See you:)

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