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Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Choose the New Threaded Comment System of BlogSpot?

“Communication works for those who work at it.” ~ John Powell (

I got good news from Blogger, to all BlogSpot Blogs. This is the biggest twist brought to us by Blogger! Before, many of us try to use the third party comment system such as Disqus and Intensedebate! If you are familiar with them, then you know why several bloggers to choose them over the default comment flat form of BlogSpot blogs. But today, the useful threaded comments can be enjoyed right here at blogger without looking for any third party applications!

Why we need to bother? I tell you, our time will worth it as conversation comes easier! If your blog feed set to full, and if you had chosen to embed comments below post at your comment setting, threaded comments will be automatically seen in your comments.

But if not, if you had chosen the full page or pop-up comments, you have to say goodbye with them and say hello for the embedded below post comments!

Most of you use the pop-up comments; it is a smaller window that opens when I am going to write my comments after reading your post. I invite you to enjoy the threaded comments by following few simple steps.

1. Open your blogger dashboard, go to settings.

2. From settings, choose comments.

3. Down there, change full page or pop-up to embedded below post, hit save settings.

4. From settings, choose site feed then chose full instead of the other options present, hit save settings.

5. Don't forget to save you settings! It's down below and you are done! Now, everyone can enjoy your threaded comments!

I am still working on with mine, my Blog Master ( is helping me with it... (Choosing this option under custom templates is not that easy) soon too, here at SB we will enjoy the same commenting option. Anyway, apology for Princess Fiona for taking a screen shot with her blog without permission - peace my friend :) And thank you to Sui generis Writer, I discovered this first at his/her blog and later he/she brought the news with me. (Apology Sui, perhaps tonight your gender will be revealed if you don't mind.)

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