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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One of the Fastest Way of Writing Blog Post

I just remember that I and my friend, who happened to be my partner here in SB, and was actively participating in our activities early this year was asking me how can I write a blog post within a couple of minutes - impromptu! I used to write this way, though I have ideas, but mostly, I write without an advance plan or outline about my next post. Why? Because the idea I have in mind is enough for me to write a new post! And I believe that this is one of the fastest way or technique to write a blog post, you can also read my impromptu writing within 20 minutes or less.
Why you can't even think of something?
It's because you believe you can't write at that very moment. You close the possibility of writing something for your audience that very day.
  • Obligation. Do you have the obligation to your readers, or least to your blog right now? It is to write or blog every day. You are there - show your presence.
  • Write a short precise post. You don't need to write a pillar article all the time. There must be some special time where you can spend almost your entire day to draft it down. If you are in a hurry, got a limited period for blogging, make it fast. Write fast - turn your ideas that very moment into words of wisdom.
  • Quality doesn't require you to draft a thousand words. Quality means useful, helpful, applicable, and so what if your post is short? If you are sure it contains something worth reading, don't hesitate to publish it.
  • Capsulized posting. I don't know if that term exist in the blogosphere, but my professor in my law subject told us last time that learning can best done in a capsulized way. It's done in list, remembering only those important keywords.
  • Well, know what? Posting short and precise is synonymous to capsulized way of informing others.
Update: 5 Powerful Tips on How to Write Blog Post Fast During Break Time
Have you tried it in your blog already? So people in a hurry will come there, because you provide instant information they need, without spending much time. How about pillar articles? Well, got a perfect time for it specially weekends? You can surprise your readers with one at least a month. Or, how do you prefer?

See you:)

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