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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Acceptance - A Way to Reduce Stress

Guys I got one hour to let go and recharge... come on...

Well guys, it's been a long time. And I am just here now, in a net cafe, yes, this is my working hour but I have to get out to produce some copies of my report, so I got an hour to standby and think of something better. Just waiting for the lady to tell me it's my turn, it's first come first serve rule. So here I am trying to find something that can relieve me from becoming stress again today, I cannot avoid to load my mind with so many things, about my personal life, about my family, about my sister who is sick at the moment, well, that's because I am human. If you have same case with mine, then do not worry that much, we are just human after all, we have feelings.

Today, I got one hour to look for something for myself and for you too. Do not worry, I am not selfish sharing you the things that can help us reduce and relieve our body and mind from being exhausted and stress out. I have shared you several ways already, but I would always disclaim, I am not the expert guys, if you are reading this today, that's because you want to hear the statement of the person who is in the state of stress, and is trying to get out himself from the situation.

Another effective way to cope with stress and get away from it is a simple acceptance. Often times we worry about tomorrow, if we have problems today we always try to guess what will happen next. We want to solve the problems right away, or else we want to always see a good result which is not possible all the time.

In the last chapter of my short story, I shared this :

When you are weak, don’t deceive yourself to be not. Accept that you are troubled, and you will find the exit, and eventually you will be heading towards the source of your strength.

It's about acceptance, it's about unloading ourselves from too much thoughts of possibilities, from the thinking so many 'how if's'! Today, yes I am troubled again, well that's life and I'll accept it! What should I do? I am not going to let myself worry that much this time around, I just need to pace forward, to do what need to be done, and that's it. If there would be situation that beyond my limit and capabilities, then let it be. If I learn to accept, there would be some ways that I can find my strength in the midst of being weak. Maybe, in a different way. Yes, there must be always an exit.

Guys, if you are trouble right this time, join me. Let's breath together.

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