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Monday, January 16, 2012

How Did I Recover Almost All My Lost Files Free?

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

My sincere apology to our dear readers and friends, my sincere apology to the entire SB Community. Lately, I told you that I was having a technical problem here with my work, and I need some time to solve it before it'll become worse. Now good news as I am about to solve it completely. In this post I will share to you my entire experience, the fear that I have and the big hope that I can get back all the important files that I lost.

The documents that were corrupted or accidentally deleted on the hard drive of my computer were priceless. They hold the value of the company. It's life. I was on a rush last Saturday, after the technician installed a new program on my new CPU, I took the time collecting all my files at one folder in local desk D. I had my 4gb USB ready for file transfer, but what happened was totally unexpected, files were gone both in both mentioned devices. Maybe it was a harmful virus, but we got no time to go on with it because it's already too late.

For a moment, I was about to panic but I kept still on my table not to let everyone know about the incident. As I told Sui, it was the live test he mentioned on my recent post (I used he to specify an unknown gender LOL). Thanks to all my friends who have shown support and encouragement, I really appreciate your concern to me. I was worried, but the hope that I can still fix everything is abundant to keep me up and sane! I spend most of my Sunday searching for methods and ways on how to recover the lost and corrupted files! Now I got them back except for some. Today I am still trying to repair my latest excel spreadsheets which need to be repaired...

AND ONE THING, I won't recover my files without the help of Pandora Recovery! I stumbled upon that very helpful file recovery software without me or the company spend a single dime! It's totally free. It may not be 100% working, but it did recover almost all my deleted or lost files during my lunch break! How amazing is that guys?

Again thank you to all my friends here who shared some prayer and concern, thank you for my Big Sister Sagi who always encourage me, and most specially to my beloved B who always lift me up!

For those blogs I follow, I am not too far away blogger friends, I will be at your blogs soon!

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