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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Reduce Stress: No to Alcohol and Drugs

When was my last entry, well it was couple of days already. Tonight, I am hear to continue my mission in giving our remedies for stressful situations in day to day living. I have observed almost a week on several things around, and being stressed out is the common result of our hectic schedules and tough encounter with life.

Some people usually practice self medication trying to find the nearest escape to their problem. Have you observed yourself? Have your observed your colleagues? Have your observed your friends? If you did, did they mask stress with alcohol and drugs? According to Study Guides and Strategies (, alcohol and drugs won't deal with the problems, hence it won't help you cope yourself from the stressful situation. It is not the way to reduce stress, it may just worsen your feeling.

What happened to Whitney Houston? Well, I am not judging her, but we all know that she went into rehab because of a drug addiction (I don't know how true was that though), but I won't dig more, the news was enough for me. The lessons we get from her life behind the super successful singing career are rich to learn. She spent a lot of time in celebrity drug rehabs but she kept on relapsing as the years went by. It's mistake to use drugs and alcohol to run away!

In short, it is not just right to practice self-medication. According to Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia, it is the term used to describe the use of drugs and alcohol to treat untreated [relieve or reduce] stress and anxiety. Please read full definition about self-medication.

Whenever there is self-medication, and then addiction, a worst nightmare will soon conquer your bedtime! No, it will take away your precious life... (I will post about addiction as part of this topic soon.)

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