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Friday, February 24, 2012

Where Moderate Use of Alcohol and Drugs Lead You?

Self-medication should be avoided. When you are in trouble, it’s always good to seek the guidance of the people you trust. The use of alcohol and drugs will give you the disadvantage in the long run! They are just temporary reliefs, but if you want to cope with stress, if you want to get out from trouble, then you have to seek the right way. The use of alcohol and drugs, even if someone says he is using it moderately will end up walking towards dead end!

Self-medication often times deceives you. Today, you will find their company calming. But within a certain period, it will hunt you like a predator running after your life. The moderate use will become excessive and abnormal. It will become uncontrollable. The dark spirits of alcohol and drugs will control you completely, that you got no choice but to follow like a puppet. You will be walking to and pro without purpose in mind. Remember, we are purposely gifted with life.

But it’s always been a choice whether to proceed finding the real way out or choose the easy ones, the company of these bad spirits. Bear in mind, it’s not lasting. If you choose this, get ready to walk up one day with nothing like a lost soul in a desert with nothing left but you, the scorching sun, amidst the endless earth of sand.

Beware alcohol and drugs are just like snakes. They can be your friends, but they would bite you at your back, taking away your life. Choose, live or die not in time. Addiction, it's a result of the wrong practice, self-medication!

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