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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Picnik Is Not Over as Google Plus Creative Kit Got Picnik for You

Since Picnik was over, we are on the go now to find the next superb photo editor that will instantly help us in editing our photos. I know that many of us love Picnik and disappointed of its closure. But now, all we can do is sit back and try another online photo editor that is as good, as fast, and as useful as Picnik.

Picnik is not Over!!!

I also used Picnik before, not that much, but I enjoyed editing my photos there. Anyway, if you really miss the whole thing then it's not really gone in the wind as you can find Picnik at Google + Creative Kit! The team behind Picnik has been working with Google for few years, and it's hard to serve "two masters at the same time", so a decision has made!

Last day I able to make a quick tour at the creative kit, some of you may type Google + Creative Kit at your browser, but all you see are those guidelines on how to use the thing. Where can you find it anyway? Well, log-in to your Google Plus account and select one of you photos (click and view your photo) and you will see just at the upper left corner the Creative Kit.

Anyway, let's try Creative Kit now!


A friend of mind is sad for losing Picnik, she love editing her own pictures, and I introduced her to Google + so she can have the access of the Creative Kit! I also read several "not good comments" about the closure of Picnik. Anyway, it's normal-- they loose a friend! But, Google Plus + Creative Kit is here, our new companion for photo editing! You can read those comments, and a nice tutorial about how to use the kit at Guiding Tech. Anyway, I have mine as well:
  • Go to Google Plus
  • Go to your Photos, well, you got choices: from your phone, album, your posts (if you have a blog), and photos of you.
  • Click a particular photo from your album for example, and you see a Creative Kit button just at the upper left side of the interface.
  • And... Picnik is not over! You will see when you click the Creative Kit button.
  • What can you see about this? I enjoy editing my photo as much as I did at Picnik!

Why not give it a try? Indeed, Google has everything for us to enjoy!

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